Adele appeared on the popular show without makeup

Adele attended the show of blogger Nikki Tutorials and delighted fans with her appearance without makeup look without makeup. The recording appeared on the YouTube channel of the program.

The celebrity visited the studio of the Dutch blogger Nikkie Tutorials in a beige longsuit and black jeans with styled hair. The posted footage shows that there is no decorative cosmetics on the face of the pop singer. It is known that in the video she acted as a model for a make-up artist, who applied a nude make-up to one side of her face.

The Tutorials publication received almost two million views and 173 thousand likes per day. The audience admired Adele's natural appearance and began to compliment her in the numerous comments under the video. “She looks divine even without makeup,” “She looks amazing both before and after,” “Adele is simply the best,” “Natural beauty is beautiful,” “I love Adele,” fans said.

Previously in October Adele became the heroine of the cover of the new issue of the British version of Vogue magazine. The singer posed in a bright yellow Vivienne Westwood corset dress with a deep neckline, which the brand's designer made specifically for the photo shoot. Her look was complemented by a brooch from the Tiffany jewelry house.



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