A student dreaming of a Bratz doll face is about to enlarge her lips for the 27th time

Bulgarian student Andrea Ivanova will enlarge her lips and cheekbones for the sake of a Bratz doll appearance size, prepared for new injections for the sake of the appearance of the Bratz doll. This is reported by the Mirror.

In pursuit of the face of her dreams, 24-year-old Andrea Ivanova from Sofia has already spent five thousand pounds (half a million rubles) on beauty services. On the eve of the upcoming Christmas, the girl is going to visit the clinic for the 27th time to enlarge her lips again. After that, the Bulgarian plans to undergo a series of plastic surgeries, as a result of which her cheekbones, chin and jaw will take on a shape like the face of a Bratz doll.

An unusual appearance began to bring Ivanova popularity on social networks: at the moment, Instagram followers are subscribed to her. about nine thousand people. “Men from all over the world are constantly texting me via direct, inviting me to travel or dating, as well as offering money,” she said, adding that it was her large lips that helped her gain self-confidence.

Andrea Ivanova started transformation in 2018 and went to procedures at least once a month. She regularly injected hyaluronic acid injections into her lips and underwent breast augmentation surgery. The Bulgarian woman admitted in an interview with reporters that she visited almost all the clinics in the city and pumped almost all possible types of fillers into her lips.