A Russian woman was inspired by pumpkins and began to paint them with her children

A Russian woman from the Bryansk region showed how, together with children, she paints unusual pumpkins

Borisenko was inspired by unusual pumpkins and began to paint them with her children. State TV and Radio Company “Bryansk” informs about it.

The craftswoman said that she has been drawing and painting various objects for 30 years, she has been teaching this craft to children for the same amount of time.

Unusual pumpkin shape of the Lagenaria variety , reminiscent of a kettlebell or a Russian nesting doll, she brought to children from the Krasnodar Territory. When dried, such a fruit can become an excellent material for creativity, the TV channel notes. “You can work on it with any paints: both acrylic and oil. I've seen a lot of [examples] on the internet. The Japanese work on this form, they are engaged in miniatures, “she said.

School student Sofya Anisimova added that, for example, she makes” colors warm “, after which she begins to draw on the pumpkin” all sorts of squiggles, hearts, stars and snowflakes. ”

It is clarified that the most beautiful and interesting works of children will be presented in the local house of culture at the New Year exhibition of arts and crafts.

Earlier, a craftswoman from Nizhny Tagil said, how she conquered the whole world thanks to the painting of trays. Her works are also sent to private collections and exhibitions. Most often in the works of a Russian woman there are motifs with flowers, butterflies and berries.

In November it became known that the legendary pumpkin weighing 265 kilograms was cooked and ate in Makhachkala. It was recognized as the largest in Dagestan. As a result, only seeds remained from the fruit.



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