115-pound man lost 45 pounds and revealed the secret of success

A man lost 45 kilograms to play football

A resident of the Indian city of Mumbai, who weighed 115 kilograms, lost 45 kilograms in three years and lost 45 kilograms in three years 10 kilograms of muscle mass. The secret of his success was revealed by the Times of India.

Vivek Nadimetla, 22, was overweight. In 2019, the arrow of the scales showed 115 kilograms. Due to his obesity, the Indian could not play football, although it was his favorite sport. It was difficult for him to run, and the team stopped inviting him to participate in matches. In order to be able to participate in games, the man decided to change his lifestyle. He signed up for the gym and began to exercise on his own, and also switched to a healthy diet. As a result, he not only lost weight, but also gained muscle.

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Now the Indian for breakfast eats oatmeal and drinks coffee, dines on a flatbread with stewed vegetables and a bowl of rice and dines with five or six boiled eggs , flatbread and stewed vegetables. After training, the man eats up to six boiled eggs, soaked almonds and drinks coffee with milk. Sometimes he indulges in smoothies, burgers and chicken curry. The Indian avoids sugar and sugary drinks, white rice, fatty foods and fast food.

The man trains six times a week. He accompanies strength training and exercises for the development of various muscle groups with cardio training.

“First, I set myself the goal of losing weight, and then – to build muscle. I was unable to train normally due to the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. So I trained at home, lifting buckets of water. After the lockdown, I had to work, so I started going to the gym early in the morning before work. If you have intention, anything is possible. The main thing in losing weight is consistency, “the man emphasized.

Nadmietla walks 10-12 thousand steps daily, and this helps him burn maximum calories. “When I allow myself to relax and eat junk food, the next day I skip breakfast. This way I manage not to gain fat, “said the Indian.

He noted that there is no need to include protein powders or other fashionable products in a weight loss program. The secret is simple – to consume few calories. “You don't have to drink protein shakes or eat protein bars to gain muscle mass. You just need to avoid junk food and eat pure protein: chicken breasts, egg whites and fish, “the man explained.

has lost 54 kilograms for years thanks to the balance between training and life. She learned to balance her workouts with her daily routine and set fitness goals.