Songwriter Pugacheva spoke about the student's problems with housing

The only housing of the ward of the Russian poet Ilya Reznik was put up for auction singer Alla Pugacheva, said that the family of one of his students may lose their only home. He shared the details in a conversation with “Interlocutor”.

Reznik's ward, whose name is Maria, has problems with real estate. The girl lives with her mother and grandmother in a small house in the Moscow region. According to the poet, in 2016 the girl's parents divorced, but until that moment her father had accumulated debts. At the moment, the man is on the international wanted list. As a result, the student's mother had to deal with the debts of her ex-spouse.

Reznik noted that the bank took away from the family part of the apartment where the elder sister of the ward lives with her husband and child. The country house is the only home the family has left. The girl's mother tried to resolve the issue in court, but lost the proceedings. “The court did not even pay attention to the petitions of guardianship. This is real crime! To pay for the services of a lawyer, she sold a car, jewelry, and a fur coat. But the house was put up for public auction anyway, ”Reznik said. The poet promised to make every effort to help the family.

In April 2021, Ilya Reznik said that he was left without a country house, which he had rented for ten years. The poet and his wife were forced to move because of the high cost of renting real estate and financial difficulties. As a result, the family decided to move to a three-room apartment in Moscow.



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