Roshal predicted the exodus of doctors from the profession because of one case against doctors

Roshal: the conviction of Sushkevich and Belaya will undermine the trust of doctors in the judicial system

President of the National Medical Chamber (NMP) Leonid Roshal “predicted the exodus of doctors from the profession, if the case against the Kaliningrad doctors Elina Sushkevich and Elena Belaya, accused of the death of a newborn, ends with a conviction.

According to Roshal, such an outcome could lead to a tragedy for the healthcare system … In this case, there will be a massive outflow of doctors from the profession, primarily neonatologists, he believes.

“Every day you can find reasons to judge doctors, and the case of Sushkevich and Belaya may become a precedent that will provoke an explosion “- Roshal concluded.

According to the investigation, in 2018, doctors Elena Belaya and Elina Sushkevich killed a newborn who was born very premature. They allegedly injected him with a lethal dose of magnesium sulfate, and they tried to present the incident as death during childbirth. Investigators believe that this is how they tried to improve the performance of the maternity hospital.

On October 10, 2020, the jurors of the Kaliningrad Regional Court acquitted the doctors, but in May 2021 the verdict was canceled. The reason for this was called numerous violations during the trial. It was later revealed that one of the jurors was a man who concealed his conviction for an intentional crime. On October 4, it was decided to take Belaya and Sushkevich into custody for three months.

After that, Roshal demanded that Sushkevich be released and said that he was ready to sit in a pre-trial detention center instead of her. He expressed confidence that the criminal case was incorrectly assessed, and there were big mistakes in the forensic medical examination.