Putin instructed to individually help the families of Listvyazhnaya miners

Putin: each family of those killed and injured in Listvyazhnaya needs to be supported individually the dead and injured miners of the Listvyazhnaya mine in the Kemerovo region. He stated this during a meeting dedicated to the situation in the coal industry of Kuzbass, which is broadcasted live on YouTube by Rossiya 24.

“Family relations are different, and unregistered civil marriages, questions arise with children, there are many everyday questions.”

Putin also called for avoiding unnecessary formalities when providing support, stressing that to help people, one must proceed from the emerging realities .

Earlier during the meeting, Putin said that, according to preliminary data, the accident at Listvyazhnaya was due to a number of safety violations. He demanded that those who neglect the safety of mine workers and expose them to mortal risk to be “harshly inquired by the law.” , including five lifeguards. According to the latest data, 99 people were injured. On December 2, prospecting work was resumed at the mine, which had been suspended due to the difficult gas situation. After the situation stabilized, the rescuers had the opportunity to start transporting the bodies of the dead.



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