Mine owners told Putin they are ready to be punished for the accident with 51 dead

The head of SDS-Ugol Fedyaev to President Putin about the state of emergency at Listvyazhnaya: I will bear responsibility

Coal “Mikhail Fedyaev and the general director of the company Gennady Alekseev announced to Russian President Vladimir Putin about their readiness to be punished for the accident at the Listvyazhnaya mine in Kemerovo, as a result of which 51 people died. Their words are reported by RBC.

Putin asked Fedyaev a question about safety measures at Listvyazhnaya.

Mikhail Yuryevich Fedyaev, the board of directors somehow monitors what is happening in the field of security, or does he only count money?

Vladimir Putin President of Russia

In response, Fedyaev told the president that he was ready to take responsibility for the emergency.

It turns out that the human factor has crossed out all this. I am ready to bear any responsibility

Mikhail FedyaevThe head of the board of directors of SDS-Ugol

Alekseev, in turn, said that the official reports of the enterprise contained apparent stability.

I want to apologize and bow my head, I'm ready to bear all the punishments

Gennady AlekseevGeneral Director of SDS- Coal “Meeting with Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, December 2, held a meeting on the situation in the coal industry of Kuzbass. During the meeting, he said that the reason for the emergency was the concealment of the facts of gas pollution in the mine. According to him, the results of the toxic gas sensors were falsified. The President also hit the table with his fist while discussing the disaster.

In addition, Putin said that overwork and conditions that force employees to risk their lives are the causes of accidents at Russian mines. According to labor law, the conditionally permanent part includes payment at piece rates, including piecework extra work, the Russian leader recalled. In addition, it includes additional payments set to tariff rates and monthly salaries for working in hazardous conditions, which serves as an incentive for miners to neglect safety requirements.

And together we must create such conditions so that there is no need to take risks … This was the point of our decisions in 2010

Vladimir PutinPresident of the Russian Federation a number of safety violations. He added that by now the regional authorities have already instructed the responsible authorities to check all mines in Kuzbass. In particular, they will have to assess the fire condition of objects, as well as check the presence and serviceability of sensors that show the level of methane in the air.

The bodies of the dead continue to be lifted

On the evening of December 2, the Governor of the Kemerovo Region Sergei Tsivilev said that the bodies of six more dead miners were raised from the Listvyazhnaya mine. Thus, in total, the bodies of 22 victims were raised to the surface. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the bodies of 29 people have yet to be found.

Before that, on December 2, mine rescuers lifted the bodies of three more miners from the mine, the press service of the Russian Emergencies Ministry said. The department clarified that the search for the dead in the Kuzbass mine will continue. The governor also noted that the mine is undergoing round-the-clock work – seven drilling rigs are in operation, two of them have already reached the control point, which is 20 meters from the drift.

The Listvyazhnaya accident

The Listvyazhnaya mine accident ā€¯Occurred on the morning of November 25, 51 people died, including five mine rescuers who participated in the rescue. According to the latest data, 99 people were injured, 16 of whom were hospitalized, some of them have already been discharged from the hospital. The bodies of the dead remain in the mine, which cannot yet be raised to the surface due to the difficult gas situation inside Listvyazhnaya.

1,000,000 rubles will be allocated by the regional government for the relatives of the victims

The Governor of the Kemerovo Region Sergey Tsivilev said that families of those killed and injured will receive additional payments. Thus, the regional government will allocate one million rubles to the relatives of the victims, 400 thousand rubles each to those injured in grave condition, and 200 thousand rubles to those injured in a mild to moderate condition.



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