In Ukraine, a plan to “contain” Russia was revealed

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba: the international community is working out a plan to contain the Russian Federation containment package “in case of a Russian attack. RIA Novosti reports this.

“We have questions for us, we have questions, that is, we are actively working on this. I assure you that right now, in different diplomatic capitals, a very specific and very substantive conversation is underway about specific measures, economic sanctions that will be included in this containment package, “he said.

According to the minister, this topic was key in the negotiations in Riga and Stockholm. He noted that the package is being developed in three directions. He noted that, first of all, it is important to convey to Moscow that a military operation on the territory of Ukraine will have irreparable consequences for it. “The second is the development of a sanctions package, which will be applied instantly if Russia resorts to a military operation, these will be very heavy economic sanctions for it. And the third is the deepening of military-technical cooperation with Ukraine now to strengthen our defense capability, “Kuleba emphasized.

Earlier, Kuleba threatened Russia with a flood of coffins in case of war. According to him, the Ukrainian army is incomparably stronger today than in 2014. “If Russia still decides to go to war, then it will have to count on an extremely large number of Russian soldiers killed, which cannot be compared with 2014. It will be a massacre, “he said.