Ibrahimovic told about the first sex

Milan footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic about first sex: then I met free Swedes with girls in adolescence and first sex. His words are quoted by Corriere della Sera.

The athlete recalled that he was very shy before the first date and made a list of everything he wanted to say to the girl. At that time he was 17 years old. “Sorry sight. Only then did I get to know the free Swedes. There were only short-haired girls in burqas in the ghetto, “said Ibrahimovic, who grew up in a family of Balkan immigrants.

The footballer is married to Swedish actress and model Helen Seger. The couple has two sons: Maximilian (2006) and Vincent (2008).

Ibrahimovic has 62 goals for the Swedish national team. He is the top scorer in the history of the national team. The forward is known for his performances for Ajax, Inter, Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain.