Blogger Varlamov disclosed details of his detention and release in Liberia

Blogger Varlamov after being released from a Liberian prison: the crowd demanded blood

Popular Russian blogger Ilya Varlamov was released from the Liberian prison without a protocol. In his Telegram channel, he described the atmosphere during the attack on him by an angry crowd of local residents, as well as during his stay at the police station.

According to him, he was filming in the slums of the capital of Liberia, Monrovia. To go outside, the film crew had to go into a certain room, which, according to the blogger, turned out to be a game club. “Well, like a club, some kind of kennel with 3 old slot machines,” he described. After that, an angry gambling addict and the owner of the establishment swooped in on him, accusing the Russian of photographing visitors and stealing “secret combinations.” They locked Varlamov in a room, a crowd gathered around and a fight broke out.

“I went with a local journalist, and he is a healthy man, he does not allow the door to be closed … a fight breaks out. The gambler who decided to lock me up in a kennel my friend gently lands on the ground, but it's too late – a crowd gathers. Everyone is shouting, waving their hands, the arriving people do not understand at all what happened, because of what the scandal, but everyone is waving their hands, “the post says.

Then the police arrived at the scene, broke up the fight and delivered participants to the department. According to the blogger, local residents also tried to break into the building. “The problem was that the local drug police had nothing at all to defend the site. Just for a picture – their boss came out barefoot, buttoning his pants, apparently asleep, “- said the Russian.

The police tried to hide the blogger from the aggressive crowd in the depths of the precinct. Then the chief of police listened to all parties to the conflict, made sure that the blogger was not filming anything and “sent the three of the insulted together with their lawyer to fuck.” “So, I’m free for now,” concluded Varlamov.

The arrest of Ilya Varlamov by the Liberian police became known on the evening of December 2. It was reported that he went to jail after a fight with a local.