The Russians were told about the wave of fraudulent real estate transactions

Rossiyskaya Gazeta: the number of real estate scams in Russia is growing by 8 percent every year “Russian newspaper”. According to the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, the number of such scams in the country increases by eight percent annually, and they are disclosed less and less.

As the chairman of the board of the Russian Lawyers Association Vladimir Gruzdev told the publication, real estate turnover is subject to significant risks, and participants in housing transactions need competent legal protection. In addition, he noted, real estate activity requires legislative regulation.

According to the expert's observations, the rights of participants in the secondary real estate market are most often violated. It is necessary to develop additional legislative guarantees that protect the rights of citizens in the housing sector, concluded Gruzdev. In the meantime, experts recommended that Russians turn to notaries to conclude deals on the purchase of housing.

Earlier in November, the Volgograd Region prosecutor's office brought to court a criminal case on fraud with an apartment of a local resident. A man lost square meters in a new building due to the fault of swindlers: they forged housing documents and resold it to a 62-year-old pensioner.



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