Russian biologist explained changes in omicron-strain symptoms

Biologist Frolov: fatigue with the omicron strain occurs due to thickening of the blood

blood. So the changes in symptoms in COVID-19 were explained by the specialist in biological protection and associate professor of the Department of Physical Chemistry of NUST MISIS Georgy Frolov, his words are quoted by KP.RU.

He noted that the two main symptoms of the omicron strain are fatigue and moral suppression – there is a scientific explanation.

“The virus contributes to the accumulation of biopolymer compounds in the human blood, which, in turn, leads to increased viscosity. As a result, thickening occurs in many cells, “the scientist said.

According to the biologist, foreign compounds in the cells must be utilized or excreted, otherwise the course of the disease will worsen.

Previously, a general practitioner, Aleksey Khukhrev, candidate of medical sciences, said that when infected with any strain of coronavirus, two of its main symptoms may appear. The specialist ranked them as headaches and prolonged fever.