Russia proposed to exempt one category of citizens from QR codes

Izvestia: The RF Ministry of Defense offered the government to free servicemen from QR codes

The Russian Ministry of Defense came to the government with an initiative, proposing to free servicemen from QR codes confirming vaccination. The department proposes to allow one category of citizens to get by with a vaccination certificate, Izvestia sources in the ministry said.

code, it will be enough for the military to show a certificate of vaccination and a document confirming identity and belonging to the Armed Forces.

Such a document for officers is an identity card, and for soldiers and sergeants – a military ID. They do not need to receive the code. They want to extend the same rules, including to military pensioners.

Now the document is being negotiated by the government. However, to implement this idea, a number of risks must be taken into account. “First, the issue of protecting certificates from falsification has to be resolved. Secondly, there is a possibility that some business owners will refuse services upon presentation of a certificate – either out of ignorance or out of fear of inspectors, “said Oleg Zherdev, founder of the Russian Association of Lawyers for Law Enforcement Agencies” Gvardia “.

For the military, personal information is passport data, marital status, approved photographs, SNILS, TIN, fingerprint data, medical diagnoses, etc.

Earlier, the Federation Council Committee on Science, Education and Culture supported the concept of a draft federal law on the introduction QR codes in public places. According to the senators, due to the situation in the country, the bill must be adopted urgently. Federation Council member Petr Tultaev also said that the project is aimed at preserving the health of Russians.



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