Kharlamov spoke about the unusual hobby of the famous presenter of the First Channel

Garik Kharlamov spoke about the love of Channel One host Dmitry Khrustalev for knitting Dmitry Khrustalev's first channel to knitting. The showman's hobby seemed unusual to the comedian. He spoke about this in the release of the humorous project “Oshuitelnoe khou”, released on YouTube.

According to Kharlamov, he learned about Khrustalev's hobby when the showmen jointly hosted the event in the images of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. β€œHe [Khrustalev] was fully dressed in the Snow Maiden. A bald man in a Snow Maiden [costume] sits and knits, “the comedian recalled.

The host's hobby surprised Kharlamov. According to the humorist, it was the first time he saw a man have such a passion. β€œI say:β€œ How did you come to this in general? ” And he says: “I always liked how they knit, and so I decided to try, I can knit anything for you,” “- said Kharlamov. At the same time, a colleague of humorist Timur Batrutdinov noted that knitting has a meditative effect.

Vyacheslav Myasnikov, a star of “Ural dumplings”, spoke earlier about his non-standard hobby. The comedian collects dolls with his son. He explained that he wanted to break the stereotype that boys should like cars and girls like dolls.



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