Trump has said high number of deaths of white people at the hands of police

The US President Donald trump said that in the country from the hands of the police kills more white people than black. The very formulation of the question about deaths of black it on air of TV channel CBS called terrible. His words RIA Novosti reported. “And white is also [killed]. What a horrible question. And white, too. More white, by the way,” he said. According to statistics cited by the Agency, the proportion of deaths of black people at the hands of the police in relative terms higher than the proportion of whites. They are more likely to commit crimes and often end up in prison. Just in the US, home to 70 percent of white and 13 percent black population. Yesterday in a network there was video footage of police officer firing Taser in a dark-skinned man. The police said that one of the activists of the protest

Trump stood up for the “racist” flag

The President of the United States Donad trump stood up for the flag of the Confederate States of America, which many people consider racist. He said this live on CBS. According to the American leader, demonstration of the battle flag of the Confederacy remains a question of freedom of speech. “I know people who love the Confederate flag, nor do they think about slavery. I just think that it’s freedom of speech: whether the Confederate flag or the Black Lives Matter (“black Life is important”), or anything else that people want to talk,” — explained his position, he. In late June, the American Governor of Mississippi Tate Reeves spoke about the intention to change the state flag containing the symbols of the Confederacy of the southern States. According to him, state legislators for several days to discuss the concept of a new flag, but to success they never came. The

Developers of vaccines against coronavirus took the risk

The Israeli immunologist, Professor Jacob Berman warned about the risks of vaccines start from COVID-19 to complete the test. According to him, the rush of developers is justified by the seriousness of the epidemic, however, the only correct solution can only be an effective vaccine, reports RIA Novosti. The doctor said that most of the laboratories adhere to regulations for the mandatory phase three clinical testing of the vaccine. “Sometimes conducted in parallel, without waiting for the results of the previous phase and move on to the next”, he added. However, the seriousness of the pandemic and the continuing high rate of spread of the virus can push scientists to reduce the research stages. According to him, developers have to take risks in finding the right solution and vaccine trials. “Here as with drugs. In severe diseases, we are using drugs which have many side effects, and when allergic rhinitis,

Endocrinologist of the Ministry of health told about the connection of coronavirus and diabetes

Vladimir Putin met in the Kremlin with head of the National research medical center of endocrinology Ivan Dedov. © Video: TRC “Star” © Photo: About new coronavirus infection with diabetes told during a meeting with Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin chief freelance endocrinologist of the Ministry of health, head of the National research medical center of endocrinology Ivan Dedov. According to endocrinologist, due to coronavirus infection in humans may increase the level of blood sugar. Coronavirus requires energy, glucose is the fastest and easily digestible. The idea of physicians, the virus takes glucose out of the heart, liver and muscles, and translates to itself. “Interestingly, the coronavirus has shown to bring people that have never been ill with diabetes, and they have two points rises, as a ruler, sugar levels,” said Ancestors, whose words are given on the website of the Kremlin. The endocrinologist said that to date 420

Experts told how to secure your mobile banking fraud

If the smartphone is infected with malware, it can be hacked any application. © Photo: flickr To secure your mobile banking, and funds in the accounts against cybercriminals is possible with the help of antivirus software, two-factor authentication and compliance with the rules of digital hygiene. This was stated by the experts on information security. “Mobile banking is relatively safe. More often attackers to ring up customers of financial institutions or use malware – told RIA Novosti, leading expert of “Kaspersky Lab” Sergey Golovanov. According to the head of Analytics and special projects CC InfoWatch Andrei Arsentiev, if the smartphone is infected with malware, it can be hacked any application. Two-factor authentication, that is, the additional one-time code advises to use the head of the Zecurion analytical center Vladimir Ulyanov. However, for security, you must perform the operation and to receive verification codes on different devices, the expert added. He

Dozens injured: Prague trains collided

According to preliminary information, the train was about 100-120 passengers. © Video: Vojtěch Gibiš, twitter © Photo: 33newsking , Michal Kamaryt, twitter In the Czech Republic near Prague passenger train crashed into a freight train. As a result of the incident injured at least 35 people. This was reported by the Czech edition According to preliminary information, the train was traveling about 100-120 passengers. The composition left the Czech capital in the city Recany nad Labem. Approximately at 00.30 Moscow time in the vicinity of the station in český Brod the collision occurred. Killed the driver of the train, the newspaper reports. Among the victims are eight minor children. Four people are in serious condition, 31 passengers got injuries of mild severity. All taken to nearby hospitals for medical aid. At the scene working emergency services. Are the causes of the incident, interview passengers and witnesses of the accident.

Kursk Governor officials were punished for the ignorance

Roman Starovoit at the operative meeting in administration of Kursk region declared that is constantly faced with the ignorance of subordinates. “Well, what is it, seven of visas is, and I correct spelling errors. You do not read the papers, or what? Next time, I’ll publicly name the names of those who endorse the documents. He first made oral comments now 5 or 6 times applied a disciplinary sanction — depriving quarterly bonus for mistakes”, — quotes the head of the region the publication “our local news”.

Putin may request documents in the case Safronova

Russian President Vladimir Putin if necessary, may request the documents by the accused in the treason of adviser to the head of Roscosmos Ivan Safronov. This was stated press Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov, reports “Газеты.Ru”. “Of course, he is aware of this case”, — said Peskov on a question, whether Putin knows about the case Safronov. 7 Jul Safronov, were arrested in the capital on suspicion of treason. The investigating authorities appealed to the European court with the petition for custody. While Roscosmos said that he had no access to state secrets. Named data transmission method Safronov Prior to his appointment as adviser to the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, Safronov worked in the Newspapers “Kommersant” and “Vedomosti”. He was dismissed after article about the possible resignation of the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko.

Crimea responded to the idea of Kiev about the “de-occupation”

The head of Committee of the Crimean Parliament’s public diplomacy and international relations Yuriy gempel appreciated the idea of the Kiev authorities to create an international platform for “de-occupation” of the Peninsula. Earlier, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba invited members of the European Union, the USA and the UK to participate in the creation of such a platform. Hemel have called this idea of imitation of violent foreign policy. “No one platform will not be able to change the decision of the Crimean people in 2014 — to return to live in their homeland, in Russia. No negotiations on this score can not be. The decision of the Crimeans decided finally and irrevocably. The Kiev authorities should keep a pointless venture without raising a storm in a glass”, — the Deputy told RIA Novosti. HEMPEL urged Kiev to stop the Ukrainian authorities unleashed the conflict in

Trutnev said about the poor performance of the authorities of the Khabarovsk territory

According to Trutnev, the work of the regional administration were organized poorly. “I came here primarily to make sure that the team that is in control of the Khabarovsk territory continues to work that you have met all the required functions of the authorities of the Russian Federation. I met with the leadership of Khabarovsk territory, the first Deputy Governor and with a number of colleagues,” — said Mr. Trutnev journalists (quoted by “RIA Novosti”). According to him, he asked that everything “worked regular” and residents did not feel any problems. Yury Trutnev has commented on the arrest of the Governor of the region Sergey Furgala. According to him, the police would not go on such step, if it had not been “one hundred percent, iron justification.” Make the decision, however, is the court. “If the court and the President of the Russian Federation will make a decision that Sergei