Trutnev said about the poor performance of the authorities of the Khabarovsk territory

According to Trutnev, the work of the regional administration were organized poorly.

“I came here primarily to make sure that the team that is in control of the Khabarovsk territory continues to work that you have met all the required functions of the authorities of the Russian Federation. I met with the leadership of Khabarovsk territory, the first Deputy Governor and with a number of colleagues,” — said Mr. Trutnev journalists (quoted by “RIA Novosti”). According to him, he asked that everything “worked regular” and residents did not feel any problems.

Yury Trutnev has commented on the arrest of the Governor of the region Sergey Furgala. According to him, the police would not go on such step, if it had not been “one hundred percent, iron justification.” Make the decision, however, is the court. “If the court and the President of the Russian Federation will make a decision that Sergei Furgal will no longer be Governor, respectively, will be elections,” he said.

Deputy Prime Minister said that in the event of a change of leadership is first assigned to the acting, and already elected the Governor of Khabarovsk Krai “will be determined which team he will work.” The authorities will respect the choice of the residents, said Mr. Trutnev.

According to “Kommersant”, the resignation of Sergey Furgala and the appointment of acting can be taken this week. Sources said that for this position there are at least five candidates.

About the protests Yuri Trutnev said that “people have a right to Express their opinion.” “Event of, say, hard, is not trivial, so there is some kind of reaction. Sergey Ivanovich was supported by a large number of people,” he said. However, he noted that not all residents who voted for Mr. Furgala could have known the details of his biography.

Sergey Furgal is accused of organizing the assassination attempt and the killings of several businessmen in 2004-2005 in the territory of the Khabarovsk territory and Amur region. After the detention he was transferred to Moscow and arrested. The Governor himself denies his guilt.

11 July in Khabarovsk held a spontaneous rally in support of the Governor. It is called the largest in the history of the city. According to various estimates, the rally attended by about 30 thousand to 35 thousand. According to official data of the Ministry of internal Affairs — from 10 thousand to 12 thousand people. Residents demand that Sergey Furgala was released and if there is evidence of his guilt, was tried at home. The next day in Khabarovsk took place another action.