Journalists Kremlin pool spoke in support of Ivan Safronov

Journalists of RBC, Vedomosti, Moskovsky Komsomolets, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, TASS and TV channel “Rain” was made in support of his former colleagues in the Kremlin pool of Ivan Safronov. Adviser to the head of “Roscosmos”, the former correspondent of “Kommersant” and “Vedomosti”, highlights of the military-industrial complex, was detained and arrested last week on suspicion of treason. Today he should be charged.

“Together, shoulder to shoulder, we have worked hundreds of events, flew thousands of miles and Ivan always remained a true professional. His article was hitting the nail on the head, and many didn’t like it, but he always conscientiously doing his job,” said Anastasia Savinykh from TASS. “Vanya is a true patriot. Such little people, and these people are not spies,” said Kira Latukhina from the “Russian newspaper”.

“Vanya has always worked and behaved like a man with a clear conscience, because the work in such a sensitive sphere in which he worked, knowing that you could be dissatisfied in the security services, this is not what you would expect from a spy,” said Svetlana Bocharova from “Vedomosti”. Anton Zhelnov with TV channel “Rain” said that the public was never presented any evidence of guilt of Ivan Safronov. “I know Vanya, his lyrics, his honesty, professionalism, and whoever, and gosizmena Vanya can’t be”, — he said.

Recall, the FSB believes that Mr. Safronov in 2017, handed over the secret data of the Czech intelligence service, which operated under the leadership of the United States. The information related to military-technical cooperation with African countries, as well as the activities of the Russian armed forces in the middle East. It was alleged that Mr. Safronov was recruited in 2012. Lefortovo court of Moscow arrested Ivan Safronov 6 September. The defence appealed the arrest, the Moscow city court will consider the appeal on 16 July.

about the case of Ivan Safronov — in the material “Kommersant” “the Special prisoner”.