Putin urged to extend the planning horizon of the projects

The President also proposed to adjust the work on national projects taking into account “the real situation in Russia and in the global economy”. He stressed the need to more efficiently allocate the capacity of the state and maneuver means. “In this connection I consider it necessary to look beyond the current planning horizon national goals and projects, i.e., for 2024 And now in the development of goals to define national challenges for the next decade,” Putin said.

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin in turn, said that the timing of the achievement of the national projects could be extended to 2030, but to adjust key parameters of these projects should fall to the formation of the draft budget for the next three years. According to him, the work on achievement marked in may 2018. [talking about the may decree of the President on the aims and objectives of the country’s development] goals will now be carried out under more severe budget constraints.

“We need to take this into account when setting targets and determining the rate of movement to them”, — said the Prime Minister. Putin instructed within three months to adjust the projects and prepare a draft decree on the extension of the timeline for their achievement until 2030

On June 11 the Chairman of the accounts chamber of Russia Alexei Kudrin in an interview with TASS said that the government will prepare an updated national projects in two to three months. He noted that the government can add new projects and to reduce the part of the former measures, and to revise their goals.

In may, the Finance Ministry has proposed to reallocate the cost of financing of national projects for the current year on the priority areas to support the economy and social sphere in case of impossibility of their use due to pandemic COVID-19.