Trutnev said about the poor performance of the authorities of the Khabarovsk territory

According to Trutnev, the work of the regional administration were organized poorly. “I came here primarily to make sure that the team that is in control of the Khabarovsk territory continues to work that you have met all the required functions of the authorities of the Russian Federation. I met with the leadership of Khabarovsk territory, the first Deputy Governor and with a number of colleagues,” — said Mr. Trutnev journalists (quoted by “RIA Novosti”). According to him, he asked that everything “worked regular” and residents did not feel any problems. Yury Trutnev has commented on the arrest of the Governor of the region Sergey Furgala. According to him, the police would not go on such step, if it had not been “one hundred percent, iron justification.” Make the decision, however, is the court. “If the court and the President of the Russian Federation will make a decision that Sergei

Journalists Kremlin pool spoke in support of Ivan Safronov

Journalists of RBC, Vedomosti, Moskovsky Komsomolets, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, TASS and TV channel “Rain” was made in support of his former colleagues in the Kremlin pool of Ivan Safronov. Adviser to the head of “Roscosmos”, the former correspondent of “Kommersant” and “Vedomosti”, highlights of the military-industrial complex, was detained and arrested last week on suspicion of treason. Today he should be charged. “Together, shoulder to shoulder, we have worked hundreds of events, flew thousands of miles and Ivan always remained a true professional. His article was hitting the nail on the head, and many didn’t like it, but he always conscientiously doing his job,” said Anastasia Savinykh from TASS. “Vanya is a true patriot. Such little people, and these people are not spies,” said Kira Latukhina from the “Russian newspaper”. “Vanya has always worked and behaved like a man with a clear conscience, because the work in such a sensitive sphere

Putin urged to extend the planning horizon of the projects

The President also proposed to adjust the work on national projects taking into account “the real situation in Russia and in the global economy”. He stressed the need to more efficiently allocate the capacity of the state and maneuver means. “In this connection I consider it necessary to look beyond the current planning horizon national goals and projects, i.e., for 2024 And now in the development of goals to define national challenges for the next decade,” Putin said. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin in turn, said that the timing of the achievement of the national projects could be extended to 2030, but to adjust key parameters of these projects should fall to the formation of the draft budget for the next three years. According to him, the work on achievement marked in may 2018. [talking about the may decree of the President on the aims and objectives of the country’s development]