Trump has said high number of deaths of white people at the hands of police

The US President Donald trump said that in the country from the hands of the police kills more white people than black. The very formulation of the question about deaths of black it on air of TV channel CBS called terrible. His words RIA Novosti reported.

“And white is also [killed]. What a horrible question. And white, too. More white, by the way,” he said. According to statistics cited by the Agency, the proportion of deaths of black people at the hands of the police in relative terms higher than the proportion of whites. They are more likely to commit crimes and often end up in prison.

Just in the US, home to 70 percent of white and 13 percent black population.

Yesterday in a network there was video footage of police officer firing Taser in a dark-skinned man. The police said that one of the activists of the protest shouted at law enforcement officials and threw them in my helmet.

In dozens of U.S. cities held a protest against police brutality because of the death in Minneapolis of a black man that has suffered from rough arrest. In some cases, the protests accompanied by riots, clashes with police, looting, looting and riots. On the background of the riots because of the death of Floyd in new York, curfews were imposed.