The Russians have called the best actor and best musician of the year

The Russians have called the best actor and best musician of the year MOSCOW, 26 Dec — RIA Novosti. The actor Sergei Bezrukov and musician Philip Kirkorov became the most popular in their profession, the Russians this year, according to the poll. According to the study, actor of the year for several years in a row, respondents named Sergei Bezrukov (8%), in second place keira Knightley (5%), in third place Vladimir Mashkov (4%). Musician of the year in 2018, according to the Russians, was Philipp Kirkorov (10%). The second most popular pianist named Denis Matsuev (6%), in third place singer Nikolai Baskov (5%). In five as the prima Donna of the national stage Alla Pugacheva (3%), who died a year ago, the Opera singer Dmitri Hvorostovsky (3%) and musician Sergey Shnurov (3%). The study notes that it is still the hardest is the situation with writers, all meaningful answers score

Christmas card Kardashian became a meme (photos)

Christmas card Kardashian became a meme (photos) Got all members of the family. American star reality show Kim Kardashian traditionally published a Christmas card on which photographed her family. View this post in Instagram Publication from Kim Kardashian West (@@kimkardashian) 24 Dec 2018 7:01 PST During the download an error has occurred. In the picture of 13 people. Among them, sisters Kim, Kylie, Chloe, Courtney, their children, and the daughter of Rob Kardashian and black Ranks. It’s not all the members of a large family. Missing Kim’s husband, rapper Kanye West, her mother Kris and sister Kendall. In response to the publication in the Network instantly there were memes. One of them all participating in the photo shoot Kim Kardashian, on the other users to finish the missing family members. I think I made it better ??? — Olivia Bickel (@OliviaBickel2) 24 Dec 2018 kenny on the phone: “yeah,

Banksy has promised retribution for the destruction of his own paintings

Banksy has promised retribution for the destruction of his own paintings Street-art artist Banksy can be prosecuted for destroying your own work with Balloon Girl (“Girl with ball”) at Sotheby’s in London. It is reported by The Sun. “Banksy intentionally defaced the painting, knowing that she belongs to another man,” explained Ferrell and noted that, if the police establish the identity of the artist, waiting for his legal punishment. In October “Girl with ball” will self-destruct at the auction right after it was sold for a million pounds. “Banksy made us. We have never encountered a similar situation in the past,” — commented on the incident, the Director of Sotheby’s Alex Branik. Banksy graffiti appears on the streets since the early 1990s. currently, his work is estimated in millions of dollars and significantly increase the value of real estate, hosting, so their damage qualifies as vandalism. Banksy’s signature style is

The threat to the right

The threat to the right Nikolai Patrushev: There is a clear prospect of the formation in Europe of neo-Nazi Union based on the ultra-right forces. The Secretary of security Council of Russia Nikolay Patrushev in interview “to the Russian newspaper” told about why USA and the West turn a blind eye to neo-Nazi rhetoric of Kiev. Nikolai Platonovich, one of the last meetings of the General Assembly of the UN against the Russian resolution on combating the glorification of Nazism voted, only two countries — Ukraine and the USA. How do you evaluate such a move? Vote US and Ukraine against the Russian resolution is well within the scope of carried out by these States of a strategic policy on the use of neo-Nazi and right-wing forces for their own political interests. This strategy was already evident during Washington supported the coup in Ukraine in 2014. FBI reveals more facts

Ukraine will impose sanctions against deputies of “United Russia” and LDPR

Ukraine will impose sanctions against deputies of “United Russia” and LDPR The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during the meeting of the Council of national security and defence (NSDC) of the country announced new sanctions against Russia. The broadcast led the TV channel “112 Ukraine”. According to him, the NSDC will be included in the sanctions list of people involved in the organization of elections in suprovodzhennya the LC and the DNI. Restrictions will be imposed in connection with the incident in the Black sea — against those who were detained Ukrainian ships and sailors gave the orders etc. in addition, sanctions will apply to deputies of the state Duma from fractions “United Russia” and LDPR. “A significant number of State Duma deputies, including from the faction “United Russia”, LDPR also the decision entered in the sanctions list,” — said Poroshenko. He also added that the restrictions will be imposed

Ministry of defense: an Airstrike by the Israeli air force created a direct threat to civilian aircraft

Ministry of defense: an Airstrike by the Israeli air force created a direct threat to civilian aircraft The Ministry of defense of Russia told about the latest provocative actions by the Israeli pilots. According to the official representative of the defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov, 25 December, in the evening six aircraft of the Israeli air force, while in the airspace of Lebanon, caused an air strike on Syria. Thereby creating, a noted Russian military, a direct threat to the two passenger Airliners. The fact that the Israeli air force attack occurred at the moment when landing at the airports of Beirut and Damascus were two of the aircraft of civil aviation. General Konashenkov said that were in the area at risk were Russian airlines. Fortunately, the air traffic controllers in Damascus managed to steal a passenger plane from the zone of fire of air defense and direct it

Almost half of migrants returned to their homeland over the past quarter century

Almost half of migrants returned to their homeland over the past quarter century Scientists from the University of Washington used a new method to assess the level of global migration and found that it has remained relatively stable since 1990 — place of residence times in the five-year period change 1.1 to 1.3 percent of the world population. The numbers of return migration — return home — was higher than previously thought: about 45 percent of people who have moved over the past quarter century in other countries, returned home. Traditionally, data on migration are based on processing the immigration forms filled at points of entry, however, the authors note that this information often contains errors. Forms census also usually do not contain the date of the move/return to the country. American scientists have developed a new statistical method for estimating migration flows, which showed high reliability. NewsWorking abroad: how

Barber creates “pixel snowflake” on the clients hair

Barber creates “pixel snowflake” on the clients hair Just for the festive mood. 31-year-old hairdresser from Italy Cristina Vina came up with a great way to stand out and create a unique Christmas image. During the download an error has occurred. It creates on the hair of their clients pixmap snowflakes. Christina color hair strands using templates in the shape of snowflakes, and then puts the curls so that the image is formed in a regular pattern. According to Barber, the creation of such a new year’s image takes about five hours. See also: Hairdresser from Taiwan makes paintings of cut the hair of customers “Edward Scissorhands”: the Barber from Pakistan at the same time 27 cuts with scissors Hairdressers in Kuzbass rescued freezes in the street the pensioner, thawing it with a Hairdryer

The man won a million live and then lost it

The man won a million live and then lost it A resident of Switzerland Andreas Burkle (Andreas Bürkli) won telestereo Swisslos million Swiss francs (nearly 70 million), but the organizers cancelled his victory due to a “technical error”. The recording of the broadcast drew the attention of the tabloid the Daily Mail. According to the rules of Swisslos, anyone can pay the entry fee and try your luck. The computer randomly selects 10 finalists who can win the jackpot. The winner is determined live. Name Burkle was chosen in the last drawing: an invited guest of the programme pulled his name out of the box. Staff congratulated the lucky winner with a prize and demonstrated the suitcase of cash, a relying man. They called him to announce the good news, but he did not pick up. However, almost immediately winning Burkle was cancelled. As reported by employees Swisslos, in a

In “Red & White” came to search

In “Red & White” came to search Investigative actions are held in the head office and warehouses in different regions. Security officials conduct investigations at the head office and warehouses of the alcohol network – “Red & White” in Chelyabinsk, as well as warehouses in Moscow, reports TASS with reference to the source. What are investigative activities, the spokesman said. Searches at the office and at the company’s warehouses in several regions connected with the criminal case, most likely, the article on tax evasion, which leads the Investigative Committee of Russia, said the interlocutor of “sheets” in law enforcement. The representative of the Federal tax service declined to comment. According to RBC, citing a source, about two months ago, the tax appeared to claim “K&B”. According to the interlocutor of the edition, they are related to the fact that the company, which is big business, prepares stores for different legal