The man won a million live and then lost it

The man won a million live and then lost it

A resident of Switzerland Andreas Burkle (Andreas Bürkli) won telestereo Swisslos million Swiss francs (nearly 70 million), but the organizers cancelled his victory due to a “technical error”. The recording of the broadcast drew the attention of the tabloid the Daily Mail.

According to the rules of Swisslos, anyone can pay the entry fee and try your luck. The computer randomly selects 10 finalists who can win the jackpot. The winner is determined live.

Name Burkle was chosen in the last drawing: an invited guest of the programme pulled his name out of the box. Staff congratulated the lucky winner with a prize and demonstrated the suitcase of cash, a relying man. They called him to announce the good news, but he did not pick up.

However, almost immediately winning Burkle was cancelled. As reported by employees Swisslos, in a box with the names of the elected accidentally hit 10, and 11 finalists. Lottery results were invalid.

According to employees of the lottery, Burkle received the sad news stoically. A second draw will be held after the Christmas holidays.

Riesen-Panne bei #SRFhappyday – der “Gewinner” Million bekommt die am Schluss nicht. Laut ist SRF @swisslos schuld.

— Blick (@Blickch) 22 Dec 2018