Christmas card Kardashian became a meme (photos)

Christmas card Kardashian became a meme (photos)

Got all members of the family.

American star reality show Kim Kardashian traditionally published a Christmas card on which photographed her family.

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Publication from Kim Kardashian West (@@kimkardashian) 24 Dec 2018 7:01 PST

During the download an error has occurred.

In the picture of 13 people. Among them, sisters Kim, Kylie, Chloe, Courtney, their children, and the daughter of Rob Kardashian and black Ranks. It’s not all the members of a large family. Missing Kim’s husband, rapper Kanye West, her mother Kris and sister Kendall.

In response to the publication in the Network instantly there were memes. One of them all participating in the photo shoot Kim Kardashian, on the other users to finish the missing family members.

I think I made it better ???

— Olivia Bickel (@OliviaBickel2) 24 Dec 2018

kenny on the phone: “yeah, they’re really leaving me out of the Christmas card. bible.”

— hannah ? (@dreamyjenner) 24 Dec 2018

Fixed it ?gotta have mama @KrisJenner in the middle! Can’t have a photo without you Kendall ❤ my butt And I made sure @robkardashian was next to @khloekardashian ❤ it’s amazing

— BissyG (@ThePINKlilypad) 24 Dec 2018

haters will say it’s photoshop ??

— zaza gang (@rosesjenner) 24 Dec 2018

?? ❤ this ❤ it’s amazing

— Carolina ✨ (@kendalthequeeen) 24 Dec 2018

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