Lukashenko accused Russia barbaric attitude towards Belarus

Lukashenko accused Russia barbaric attitude towards Belarus According to the President of the Republic of Belarus, Moscow is not fulfilling its obligations in the framework of the EAEU. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that Moscow behaves savagely towards Minsk. According to him, Russia does not fulfill its obligations in the framework of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU). Lukashenka said during his visit to the enterprise for the production of agricultural machinery “Gomselmash”. I want to keep “Gomselmash”. We are now having a hard time the Russians behave savagely towards us, publicly talking about it. They demand from us something like we’re vassals they have, and in the framework of the EEU, where they invited us, they fulfil their obligations don’t want to.Alexander Lukashenko the President of Belarus, quoted by BelTA According to Lukashenko, Moscow accuses the West of creating “non-competitive benefits.” “And do something for us they are the

Poroshenko called “Nord stream — 2” the Trojan horse of the Kremlin

Poroshenko called “Nord stream — 2” the Trojan horse of the Kremlin MOSCOW, 10 Aug — RIA Novosti. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the European partners “bewitched” of Russia concerning the construction of “Nord stream — 2”. “The”Nord stream — 2” is a “Trojan horse” of the Kremlin against European energy and, in the end, geopolitical security,” he wrote in his Facebook account. In addition, Poroshenko says that he sees the “true motives” of Russia regarding the gas pipeline project, which, according to the Ukrainian President, will lead to “catastrophic consequences for the European partners. Poroshenko urged the EU to get rid of the “deceptive and destructive” spells of Russia and to protect its energy interests. The project “Northern stream — 2” involves the construction of two pipelines with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters per year off the coast of Russia through the Baltic sea

German chainsaw creates incredibly lifelike animal figures

German chainsaw creates incredibly lifelike animal figures They look like the real thing. Jürgen LINGL-Rebates can be safely called a true magician. From an ordinary piece of wood using chainsaws he carves amazing sculptures of animals. Due to the small details, they look very realistic and at first glance, it’s hard to understand that animals are not real. According to Jurgen, to carve wood, he began in childhood, but a career as an artist and sculptor has mastered only in early 2000-ies, when he moved from Germany to Switzerland. Now it is known all over the world, and his many awards. The work of the Lingle-Rebates exhibited in museums around the world and is worth money. This is not surprising. Just look at these sculptures. Publication of Leonhard”s Gallery (@leonhardsgallery) April 28, 2018 at 11:59 PM PDT During the download an error has occurred. Publication of Leonhard”s Gallery (@leonhardsgallery) May

Boer interest

Boer interest Why the white population of South Africa is also eyeing Russia as a possible place to migrate. The recent summit of the BRICS leaders in Johannesburg, there were numerous Protocol overlays. Almost new meme became a joint photo, where plates with the name of the country, placed on the floor for placement of participants did not match the flags of the powers behind them. For example, over-the-shoulder current President of South Africa Cyril Matamala Ramaphosa was clearly visible… the Russian tricolor. On this lot was joking, but went highly symbolic: today, a considerable part of the white population of South Africa — descendants of European immigrants — are seriously considering our country as a possible destination for migration. First of all we are talking about the Boers who at home are threatened with the loss not only of ownership but also (alas, this is reality) life itself. The

Scientists have found living contemporaries of dinosaurs on the Earth

Scientists have found living contemporaries of dinosaurs on the Earth MOSCOW, 9 Aug — RIA Novosti. Modern corals were contemporaries of dinosaurs, their ancestors and the symbionts appeared in the Jurassic period and survived several mass extinctions of animals. To such conclusion genetics, published an article in the journal Current Biology. “Previously, we assumed that modern corals appeared about 50 million years ago. Our analysis indicates that it happened much earlier, the ancestors of the polyps and algae began to live together at the dawn of the age of dinosaurs, about 160 million years ago. They’ve been through some of the most powerful cataclysms, almost completely erasing them from the face of the Earth,” said Todd Lagunes (Todd LaJeunesse) from the University of Pennsylvania (USA). Corals are one of the most ancient and primitive invertebrate creatures, whose ancestors appeared during the Cambrian explosion. In the distant past they were predators,

CEC plans to approve two more initiatives of the pension referendum

© Anton novoderezhkin/TASS MOSCOW, August 10. /TASS/. The Central election Commission of Russia at session on Friday plans to recognize the relevant requirements of law for two similar formulations of the questions proposed by several initiative groups for submission to the national referendum against the increase in retirement age. This follows from the draft regulations prepared for the meeting.

The “fire Carr” in California on the plane, through the fires of hell

The “fire Carr” in California on the plane, through the fires of hell Several fire aircraft C-130 flying through a real Inferno — forest, blazing in Northern California. During the download an error has occurred. We will remind, not so long ago in California broke out the disaster, called “Carr” — the largest and most destructive fire in the history of the state. Began July 23, the fire has turned to ashes 71 600 hectares of land, destroyed more than 1,000 homes and caused the death of 8 people, two of whom were firefighters. But disaster does not subside, and two weeks later, it retains its destructive potential. 14фотографий14фотографий14фотографий

When shooting in the canadian Fredericton killed four people

When shooting in the canadian Fredericton killed four people When shooting in the canadian city of Fredericton on the East of the country killed at least four people. On 9 August, local police said on Twitter. Citizens are asked to avoid places where shooting occurred, and local residents — lock doors and not to go outside. Please continue to avoid the area of Brookside Drive, between Main and Ring Road. An incident has resulted in at least four people killed. More information will be available when we can confirm. — Fredericton Police (@CityFredPolice) August 10, 2018 No details while are unknown. Fredericton — the capital of the province of new Brunswick. The city’s population of about 60 thousand people.

The type 96 is the “Rapid dragon” Chinese trump card in the “Tank biathlon”

© Russian defense Ministry The main contenders for victory in the “Tank biathlon” are traditionally Russian tankers. A chance to challenge the leadership have teams of Belarus and Kazakhstan, acting on T-72B3. However, the most dangerous opponent looks to be the Chinese team on the tanks of its own production Type 96В. The rest of the crew also competes at the limit of their capabilities and can compete with the leaders of the team classification. TASS estimated the chances of success of the Chinese Type 96, and to understand its features helped the General-the major in resignation Nikolay Motrin in the recent past Vice-President of the International Federation of tank biathlon, and coach teams of DOSAAF of Russia in the “Tank biathlon” and “Suvorov onslaught”. Soviet roots Their ancestry Type 96, like many other examples of Chinese military equipment, leads from the Soviet prototypes. So appeared the first collected in

Andrei Belousov said on anecdote Vladimir Lisin

Andrei Belousov said on anecdote Vladimir Lisin Presidential aide Andrei Belousov told “Vedomosti” that his initiative to withdraw “profits” from the mining, chemical and petrochemical companies needed to align the tax burden in Russia and not to carry out the new decrees of. Tax maneuver in the oil industry and the VAT increase, according to him, the affected oil industry workers, the population and business but not chemists and metallurgists. Fans tell jokes I want to remind the main law of capitalism: “it is necessary to Share”Andrew Belousovova President Earlier on the request of “sheets” comment on the proposal of Andrei Belousov said the joke Vladimir Lisin, owner of NLMK, included in the list of assistant to the President. Mr. Belousov stressed that it is not about the proposal to “withdraw” the metallurgists and chemists 0.5 trillion rubles., and on the elaboration of such a mechanism. The issue will be