River in China turned a bright red color (video)

River in China turned a bright red color (video) The locals are scared, but environmentalists are studying the situation. Residents of the city of Yibin, in Sichuan province in southwest China, was horrified, seeing that the river, Xiangbi became red. Many not just with the excitement of watching the picture, and filmed the phenomenon on camera. Chinese residents shocked to see their local waterway has turned BRIGHT RED after a factory paint spill https://t.co/EdNp8FMOa5 — Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) July 4, 2018 Red river looks like from a horror movie, but because the locals immediately dubbed it “the bloody river”. While people were surprised and scared, local officials conducted an investigation and found that all the fault of the staff packing factory located upstream. As it turned out, during the cleaning operation something went wrong and the river flowed red paint. According to the company’s management, the paint is water

Does not include all

Does not include all How to make the room a double bed? Why the journey may need a screwdriver? And what are the risks of a failed thief caught? Talk about the most bizarre thefts in hotels. “My planet” has already talked about the most unusual finds in the rooms and the ridiculous situations that arise with guests at hotels. This article is about the most unusual thefts from hotels, which sometimes are no less loud than the theft of art objects. Furniture It happens that the system “all inclusive” guests perceive too literally. First place in the list of the most ridiculous thefts is a piano, removed from the lobby of one of the American Starwood Hotel Group. Somehow, security was not embarrassed that three people first strolled around a musical instrument, and then silently rolled it out of the hall. The thieves never found. Recognition of the affected

Sunbathing British messed up the wedding photos of the newlyweds

Sunbathing British messed up the wedding photos of the newlyweds And all because he got a good seat in the Park first. Mark Ling and his wife Mandy Cripwell was clearly not happy with their wedding photos. And all because was not able to be photographed in a very popular location for the newlyweds Park in Torquay, United Kingdom. Wedding Pics Photobombed by Stubborn Bikini Clad Sunbather https://t.co/77zP4daOSB pic.twitter.com/G7uImNdosX — ABC10 (@ABC10) July 4, 2018 Blame was the unknown woman who was sunbathing nearby. When the guests and the photographer asked her to move away a little to make the photo, she pretended to be asleep. According to attendees, the people at the wedding were many, all joking and photographer loudly all convened for a photo, so the woman could not know what is happening around. After a time, and more insistent requests to move slightly, she changed the location,

First Deputy Prime Minister took the last

First Deputy Prime Minister took the last In Dagestan, starts a new anti-corruption investigation. First Deputy Prime Minister of Dagestan Ramazan Aliyev on Wednesday was detained by the FSB, suspecting him of excess of powers of office. The KGB came for the official, when the acting head of Dagestan Vladimir Vasilyev announced his release from office. While President Aliyev is suspected minor offense, but given that he had previously held the positions of chief of the financial Supervisory authority and the head of the administration of the former head of the Republic Ramazan Abdulatipov, the investigation promises to be loud. About the arrest of the first Deputy Prime Minister Ramazan Aliyev was announced during a selector meeting with heads of municipal areas and city districts, which Vladimir Vasilyev held in videoconference. The conversation was about the problem of water supply in Buynaksk and the Buynaksk district. Mr. Vasiliev recalled that

Rosturizm reassured Russians that they quietly planned vacation

Rosturizm reassured Russians that they quietly planned vacation MOSCOW, 4 Jul — RIA Novosti. Systemic crisis on the market of tourist services no, the problem is the individual tour operators are associated with the wrong assessment of the market situation, the Russians can easily plan your holidays, said the head of the Federal tourism Agency Oleg Safonov, whose words are in the message Department. “The reduction in Charter programs and the suspension of activities of private tour operators that currently take place in the Russian tourist market, due to wrong evaluation of tourist companies, market conditions, errors in forecasts of consumer demand and high expectations regarding the growth of outbound tourism in some areas”, — said Safonov. “Systemic crisis in the Russian tourist market there,” — he stressed. The head of the Federal tourism Agency has said that now in Russia there are 631 tour operator in outbound tourism, and

Siri interrupted the Minister of defence of the UK during speech on Syria

Siri interrupted the Minister of defence of the UK during speech on Syria MOSCOW, 4 Jul — RIA Novosti. Voice assistant Siri adjourned the meeting in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament responded to the word Syria. The incident occurred during the speech of the Minister of defence of Gavin Williamson. He talked about the fight against terrorism and mentioned the Syrian Republic. “This is what I found in the Internet at the request of Syria. Syrian democratic army, which supports…”, immediately reacted Siri in his smartphone. During the download an error has occurred. Williamson laughed and said that person rarely interrupted by his own mobile phone. The Minister has removed the smartphone in his pocket and continued his speech, after the hall was quiet laughter.

To Russia from Syria returned 27 aircraft and helicopters

To Russia from Syria returned 27 aircraft and helicopters Moscow. The 4th of July. INTERFAX.RU — From Syria to Russia brought nearly 30 aircraft and helicopters videoconferencing Russia, reported the Russian military. “Only in places of permanent deployment of the air base Hamim in Syria returned to Russian airfields, 27 aircraft and helicopters, the specialists of the flight crew, medical team and soldiers of the military police”, — stated in the materials distributed Wednesday at a meeting of the su-25 in Krasnodar Krai. In the southern military district said that three pairs of su-25 “Grach” landed at a military airfield in the Krasnodar region after a multi-day trip to Syria.

In Belgium eight-year-old boy left school for a year and a half

In Belgium eight-year-old boy left school for a year and a half MOSCOW, 4 Jul — RIA Novosti. Belgian boy Laurent Simons at the age of eight years, graduated from high school and going to University, according to RTBF. Laurent graduated from the six-year course in six years of study and received a certificate along with the 18-year-old graduates. The boy’s parents claim that his IQ was equal to 145. The articleWhich was the childhood home of Elon In an interview with RTBF, Laurent told me that his favorite subject is math, “because it is so vast that it is and statistics, and geometry and algebra”. According to the parents of Laurent, in his spare time he likes to solve math problems and read books on medicine. He had wanted to become a surgeon or an astronaut, but now leaning towards computer science. Parents also noted that Laurent childhood was

The student who scored 400 points on the exam — the fear of biology and the secrets of successful learning

The student who scored 400 points on the exam — the fear of biology and the secrets of successful learning Ruslan Salimgareev loves to grow plants, read Salinger and wants “to do what now can only guess at”. “A funny coincidence: I like to grow plants, and botany them just exploring” — Ruslan Salimgareev answers the question of whether to call him a “nerd”. Ruslan 17 years, he is a graduate of the Moscow school № 179 and our first student, who scored 100 points in four of the exam. He passed the Russian language, mathematics, chemistry and biology. There is a theory that children, well handing over uniform state examination, seldom win in contests (and Vice versa) — because these challenges require a different way of thinking. If this is so, Ruslan is a clear exception: it was won or received prizes in over a dozen all-Russian Olympiads (items

Why the tragedy of “Belarusian Auschwitz” is only now emerging from the shadows?

Why the tragedy of “Belarusian Auschwitz” is only now emerging from the shadows? Prior to the official opening of the Trostenets memorial of the former concentration camp removed the “wrong” signs and crosses. Destroyed signs stated: in Trostenets mass extermination of people not only German Nazis but also the Soviet Stalinists. Some historians call Trostenets “Belarusian Auschwitz”, arguing that the number created by the Nazis of victims of Trostenets fourth after Auschwitz, Majdanek and Treblinka. About the death toll, however, to this day argue that the Soviet state Commission, which revealed in the tract blagovschina 34 firing of the pit in the summer of 1944, shortly after the liberation of Minsk, found in graves only ashes and bones; the number of the buried was calculated according to the volume of the ditches, seven people per cubic meter; get 150 thousand. Primitive cremation oven and the remains of about 50 thousand