Does not include all

Does not include all

How to make the room a double bed? Why the journey may need a screwdriver? And what are the risks of a failed thief caught? Talk about the most bizarre thefts in hotels.

“My planet” has already talked about the most unusual finds in the rooms and the ridiculous situations that arise with guests at hotels. This article is about the most unusual thefts from hotels, which sometimes are no less loud than the theft of art objects.


It happens that the system “all inclusive” guests perceive too literally. First place in the list of the most ridiculous thefts is a piano, removed from the lobby of one of the American Starwood Hotel Group. Somehow, security was not embarrassed that three people first strolled around a musical instrument, and then silently rolled it out of the hall. The thieves never found. Recognition of the affected hoteliers able to knock away a tear.

The safe was carried away, 10 kg Unscrewed, put it in my suitcase and taken away. Suppose that either officers or gangsters. Something in the safe and put the cipher forgot. Something that show no one. It may, of course, everything is more prosaic.Telerate Aviasales

“I had a great story in the queue for registration on the plane. My grandmother, who was standing behind me in line began to get representatives of the travel Agency: it turned out she was at the hotel dismantled the stand and Packed it in the Luggage! Bedside Table, Carl! Very much she liked it and her suitcase happened to be a screwdriver. Confessed my sins and gave the table back. Since then not surprised at anything” (user alkopona, the site “”).

“Once in Bilbao (city in Spain. — Approx. ed.) bed liked. Double. Took no mattress. I the night before we left I bought it and on the rope at night with the balcony lowered in parts. The wife of our universal fit. Only had to sleep on the floor. Mattress bed” (user igorkuznetsov, the site “”).

It is noteworthy that there is a user x899xx advises: “In normal hotels you need to take everything that is not nailed by nails, then show it to your friends and brag about where you got such cool. It’s already paid for advertising the property. Infa from the Director of purchasing not one zhlobskie the chain”.

Stocks for the future

Someone takes a disposable sachets of shampoo, and one of the guests of the Franklin Hotel in Knightsbridge, UK, wanted to preserve the memory of the room in which it stayed, and gave the door a sign with her number. The loss noticed only when the employees saw the guest, who could not find their room. It turned out, he had a good reason.

But opinion very adventurous tourist:

In the beginning of the journey is very useful for a day to call in a good hotel immediately upon arrival. Rest after the journey, and at the same time do supply soap and shampoo for the week ahead. With a drag — can in hand Luggage not allowed. And small containers in regular stores I have ever seen.The user donz_ru LiveJournalAccessories for the toilet

I think, to seize everything that is bad, — a national trait? A couple from China traveling around Japan, have decided that with the magnets is no surprise, and picked up a… toilet seat. First, the original. Second, functionally. Thirdly, most importantly, free. The security staff fault the hotel at first said that the seat left by the previous guest. But then I admitted that I wanted to bring it home as a souvenir. The situation was resolved peacefully: the couple returned to the seat, apologized and promised that henceforth it will not happen again. They believe…

There was a case and a toilet brush… and took a glass from the holder…Telerate AviasalesFood, drinks

Apparently, the Russian couple staying at a Turkish hotel, very afraid of stomach problems. Otherwise, why was it necessary to leave the rooms 14 toilet paper rolls? However, together with her spouse tried to get 5 liters of liquor “Baileys”, Slippers, bathrobes, towels, fruit and even dug in the garden of flowers. Total accumulated almost two suitcases of things. That’s just to far failed. All the while they were getting ready to leave, spilling plastic bottles liqueur and wrapped in plastic bags, the roots, the security service was watching them on the surveillance cameras. And before leaving was asked to open the suitcases. In the end the tourists had to shell out $232. In such a sum estimated the stolen property.

My colleague, being in Tunisia, with the family brought a disposable tea bags, sugar, jam for six months. In addition, two kilograms of oranges. It’s just what she told me.Irina Konoplitskaya on the website “Mirtesen”Vehicle

A young couple from Australia got off not so easy. The couple tried to take out from the hotel in which they lived, the bike, but figured them. And Australians have experienced the way in which fight with thieving tourists power the small Indonesian island of Gili. Young people surrounded by the police held the streets with signs that read: “I am a thief. Don’t do what I did,” and then expelled from the island. It is unlikely that after such a “March of shame” wife will ever want to return to it…

“Under the guise of” in hotels, so many things happen.

Once the minibus of the hotel tourists hijacked: after the tsunami… it Was another warning, the Swedes were evacuated from other hotels, waited for the Charter flight home… They had 500 people, many in the auditorium lived. And this crowd rushed to flee, and demolished everything on the way there. Someone motorcycle a stranger hapnuli and youth group minibus was stolen. Anyone nothing happened: we realized that the bus was gone, the next day, we found him in the center of the island.Telerate Aviasalesinterior

I wonder if some theft is possible without difficulty to monitor the surveillance cameras, others remain shrouded in mystery.

So, one of the most unusual disappearances have occurred in 2005 in a Swiss hotel Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel and Spa. Once I missed… nearly 100-pound stone.

It was used in sports games Unspunnenfest, during which local strongmen compete in the ability to raise and how far to cast a stone. Criminals did not prevent either his weight or chain, which he was firmly attached, nor that the object was on display in the lobby for all to see.