River in China turned a bright red color (video)

River in China turned a bright red color (video)

The locals are scared, but environmentalists are studying the situation.

Residents of the city of Yibin, in Sichuan province in southwest China, was horrified, seeing that the river, Xiangbi became red. Many not just with the excitement of watching the picture, and filmed the phenomenon on camera.

Chinese residents shocked to see their local waterway has turned BRIGHT RED after a factory paint spill https://t.co/EdNp8FMOa5

— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) July 4, 2018

Red river looks like from a horror movie, but because the locals immediately dubbed it “the bloody river”.

While people were surprised and scared, local officials conducted an investigation and found that all the fault of the staff packing factory located upstream.

As it turned out, during the cleaning operation something went wrong and the river flowed red paint. According to the company’s management, the paint is water based and completely harmless for people, animals and the environment in General.

Now the situation studied by ecologists that in the coming days will tell us his verdict, which also will depend on the size of the fine for the guilty in the accident.

In addition, downstream of the river experts have established three dams with filters that purify the water from the paint and harmful substances.

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