The student who scored 400 points on the exam — the fear of biology and the secrets of successful learning

The student who scored 400 points on the exam — the fear of biology and the secrets of successful learning

Ruslan Salimgareev loves to grow plants, read Salinger and wants “to do what now can only guess at”.

“A funny coincidence: I like to grow plants, and botany them just exploring” — Ruslan Salimgareev answers the question of whether to call him a “nerd”. Ruslan 17 years, he is a graduate of the Moscow school № 179 and our first student, who scored 100 points in four of the exam. He passed the Russian language, mathematics, chemistry and biology.

There is a theory that children, well handing over uniform state examination, seldom win in contests (and Vice versa) — because these challenges require a different way of thinking. If this is so, Ruslan is a clear exception: it was won or received prizes in over a dozen all-Russian Olympiads (items — from the Russian language to astronomy). “The job is not the same thing, but the mood is rather similar,” he says. Ruslan says that this experience helped in the exam.

In Russia a lot of debating on the unified state exam. “The exam is definitely very good, because standard single — said Ruslan. — It seems to me that the system works well.” He says he did a lot, especially in high school. But did not sit on the books forever: “Free time allow yourself a lot and the weekend was.” On the “outside” reading time remains — he loves the “Illusions” by Richard Bach and “the catcher in the rye” Jerome Salinger. “With Holden Caulfield I did not compare, he says. But some experiences are shared, only some.” He likes to shoot plants and animals — in these photos it all Instagram. And do is going at the MSU faculty of bioengineering and bioinformatics. “In 10 years I see myself in the scientific work involved in what now can only guess at!” he says.

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Now journalists are bombarded Ruslana questions in chat and on the phone — all you want to know how to achieve the same results. “Ruslan, what’s the question you haven’t asked yet, but I would like to answer?” — I ask. “What’s all this,” he says. And he adds: “May have already been asked. I did not read”. To this question he answers: “So close to the goal that you have to try, gave me a good incentive to live and not to faint”.

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