The Kremlin responded to the words of Pletnev about intimacy with foreigners

The Kremlin responded to the words of Pletnev about intimacy with foreigners Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called on to look at the spectator, where it says “Say no to racism”. So he responded to a request to comment on the words of the Chairman of the Duma Committee on family, women and children, Tamara Pletneva, who encouraged the Russians not to enter into intimate relations with foreign football fans. “Do not hold on to encourage you to watch the spectator to read what is written below. This best describes the holiday atmosphere”, — said the representative of the Kremlin. Peskov added that in General such a question “is not within the competence of the presidential administration”. “As for Russian women, probably, they will understand. This is the best women of the world”, — said the press Secretary of the President. The statement came on the

Experts told about the benefits of regular violations of the diet

Experts told about the benefits of regular violations of the diet Regular violation of the diet will help to improve fat burning. This is with reference to the nutritionist Susie Burrell tells British newspaper the Sun. We are talking about scheduled “breaks” once or twice a week. After limiting calories more dense foods helps the body to believe it is not in starvation mode and, therefore, he does not need to store fat. Also important psychological effect — planned breaks in the diet help to maintain it. The nutritionist said that it is important not to overdo it. According to her, we are talking about one or two meals per week, not permanent derogations from the regime. In the may edition of The Independent said that the President of the United States Donald trump planted by doctors on a diet because of the risk of obesity, have found a compromise

Saratov scientists have tested a live vaccine against plague

Saratov scientists have tested a live vaccine against plague And found a way to assess the success of such vaccination. Employees of the Saratov branch of the Federal research center of Virology and Microbiology of the studied antibodies and the mechanisms of cellular immune response activates the live plague vaccine in humans. They found that the presence in the blood of subjects of specific antibodies to the protein of the Pla (the plasminogen activator plague) is a reliable indicator of successful vaccination. A scientific paper published in the journal PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases. Plague is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis (plague Bacillus). The infection is transferred by fleas living on rodents, including abundantly inhabiting the city rats. Historically, plague destroyed millions of Europeans. Over the past few decades the number of cases of infection have been significantly reduced through vaccination. However, the disease is still common

Morozov: raising the retirement age is long overdue

Morozov: raising the retirement age is long overdue In the state Duma on 18 June to discuss the social protection of doctors. The state Duma Committee on health today, June 14, will discuss key provisions of the proposed pension reform. About it the correspondent of IA REGNUM, 14 June, said the head of the Duma Committee on health Dmitry Morozov (United Russia). Today we are holding a Committee and will discuss the government’s proposals on pension reform, the initiative may already be submitted to the state Duma.Dmitry Morosaglia of the state Duma Committee on health protection Complex changes are already overdue, the head of the Committee. He reminded that Russia is home to just under 150 million people, of which about 46.5 million — are pensioners. “In 70-e years of a pensioner, had nearly four workers, and now two. The situation requires the development of solutions,” he said. In this

Method of a small carrot and a big whip

Method of a small carrot and a big whip The US increase sanctions pressure on Russia. The U.S. continues to increase pressure on Russia while the Russians had a rest, Washington has extended sanctions against Russian individuals and legal entities from the IT-sphere and charged five employees of the company “Sovfraht” prosecution in the illegal supply of aviation fuel to Syria. The Russian foreign Ministry, these measures are called “short-sighted” and “reckless” and threatened retaliatory steps. Meanwhile the source “” close to the Kremlin, said that Moscow still continue to work on the agenda for a possible meeting between the presidents of Russia and the United States. Despite the positive signals of U.S. President Donald trump in Moscow, Washington continues to increase pressure on Russia. We will remind, on June 8, the White house announced that the G8 (great eight) with the participation of Russia would be much more effective

Golikova named one of the purposes of raising the retirement age

Golikova named one of the purposes of raising the retirement age MOSCOW, 14 Jul — RIA Novosti. One of the goals of raising the retirement age in Russia is the increase of pensions of citizens, said at a press conference members of the Russian government Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. The Russian Cabinet on Thursday approved a bill to raise the age of retirement to 65 years for men (in 2028) and 63 years for women (2034). The increase will be scheduled in stages, will start in 2019. “All those decisions that aim to increase pension coverage in the long term,” he said. She explained that in 1970 in the USSR, one pensioner had 3.7 V working citizens, and now about 1.8. The amount of funds earned by the pension system by paying insurance premiums reduced, respectively, this significantly reduces the possibility for the payment of pensions to those pensioners

The crowns of evolution. Why “perfect” people are just terrible

The crowns of evolution. Why “perfect” people are just terrible British scientist have simulated the “ideal” woman. The sight was strange, but not stranger than other exemplary from the point of view of the evolution of a virtual species. The brightest representatives of a possible future — the selection Female animal His “ideal” woman anthropologist Alice Roberts from the University of Birmingham was deprived of all evolutionary “flaws” inherent in the human body. The scientist was inspired by fish, dogs, cats, swans, chimpanzees and cephalopods. In the end, human skin, she replaced the cover, as in reptiles, to protect from UV rays. The respiratory system borrowed from birds, to improve absorption into the blood of oxygen. Ears were taken from bats, and the legs replaced by bird’s legs to increase running speed. In this case, however, the ideal lost the opportunity to climb a hill — do it to

In the animal world-mathematicians: who are best able to consider

In the animal world-mathematicians: who are best able to consider MOSCOW, June 14 — RIA Novosti, Alfia Enikeeva. Most living creatures — from insects to primates — every day to solve simple arithmetic problems. About why animals numeracy and who in the wild will not survive without mathematics — in the material RIA Novosti. Man as a species has got a unique brain: a large (compared to body weight), and incredibly complex. Therefore, Homo sapiens is able to learn, to think abstractly, to consider and to talk. The fee for cognitive ability is high: if at rest, the brain of our closest relatives, the primates, is content to eight percent of the total reserves of the organism, the human mental apparatus consumes up to a quarter of the body’s energy. According to the latest research, to operate with abstract concepts and count to ten, does not necessarily have in my

Disaster in Sochi will appreciate in London

Disaster in Sochi will appreciate in London The amount of compensation to the relatives of victims of the crashed Tu-154 could increase tenfold. London’s high court took into consideration the claims of the relatives of the musicians of the Ensemble of the Russian army. Aleksandrova, doctor Elizabeth Glinka, military journalists and others killed during the Holocaust military Tu-154 flying 25 Dec 2016 from Moscow to Syria and collapsed in the Black sea after a stopover in Sochi. The plaintiffs believe that their loved ones died in the Commission of an international flight and, therefore, compensation should not pay for the Russian and foreign norms. The company SOGAZ, strahovaja passengers of Tu-154, I believe that the trial in the UK will only add to the relatives of the victims of the bitterness of frustrated expectations. As explained “Kommersant” representing the interests of victims and who is now in London, the lawyer