The crowns of evolution. Why “perfect” people are just terrible

The crowns of evolution. Why “perfect” people are just terrible

British scientist have simulated the “ideal” woman. The sight was strange, but not stranger than other exemplary from the point of view of the evolution of a virtual species. The brightest representatives of a possible future — the selection

Female animal

His “ideal” woman anthropologist Alice Roberts from the University of Birmingham was deprived of all evolutionary “flaws” inherent in the human body. The scientist was inspired by fish, dogs, cats, swans, chimpanzees and cephalopods.

In the end, human skin, she replaced the cover, as in reptiles, to protect from UV rays. The respiratory system borrowed from birds, to improve absorption into the blood of oxygen. Ears were taken from bats, and the legs replaced by bird’s legs to increase running speed. In this case, however, the ideal lost the opportunity to climb a hill — do it to the birds is not so easy.

Also improved the woman added a kangaroo pouch for carrying the child and an extra artery to reduce the likelihood of a heart attack. This model Alice Roberts did for the documentary film bi-Bi-si, which tells about the scientific prospects of creating the perfect person.

The transformation of man into animal is only one of the possible directions of evolution. Most futurologists believe that the development will go in the direction of merging man with the aggressive urban environment.

Male driver

Perhaps the most famous predecessor of the unnamed women of the animal — man named Graham. It is a visual interpretation of how people would look if evolyutsioniruet to survive in accidents.

Head in the shape of a large bulb with a sunken face, no neck, reinforced ribs and breast with many nipples, which, like airbag, soften the bumps, knobby legs with joints that bend in all directions.

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Invented Graham artist Patricia Piccinini together with the famous surgeon-traumatologist and an investigator of the accident.

And did it by order of the Commission on accidents in Australia. Pre-Commission experts have analyzed the most frequent cases of collisions involving modern vehicles. Graham will survive. And an ordinary person is not.

“People can survive ran at full speed into the wall, but if we’re talking about collisions of vehicles, faster, more power and chances of survival are much lower”, — stated on the personal website of Graham. Learn more the wise the human mind of the driver and to examine it in detail frighteningly realistic body here.

In 2016 Graham became an Internet meme because he didn’t need to fasten the seat belt. And in 2017, received the Grand Prix at the advertising festival “Cannes lions” in the nomination “Health and wellbeing”.

Bald Walker

In 2017 there is another model evolved to the limit of the person. This time the British (again) scientists are repelled from the way of life of a staunch citizen.