The Cabinet has proposed to replace the military departments in universities to training centers

The Cabinet has proposed to replace the military departments in universities to training centers The government of Russia in the Duma introduced a bill to replace the military departments in universities to military training centers, announced by the Cabinet. “The bill proposes to replace several existing types of structural units of military training in universities on single units of military training — military training centers”, — stated in the message. The purpose of the bill is to increase the efficiency of the management process of training University students in the areas of military training. It is noted that currently the number of higher educational institutions military training is conducted in training centers, where you use programs of training of regular officers for service under the contract. At the same time, in the military departments used the program training of reserve officers, sergeants, petty officers of the reserve, as well as

51-year-old Frenchman trying to swim to cross the Pacific ocean

51-year-old Frenchman trying to swim to cross the Pacific ocean Frenchman Benoit Lecomte, aiming to become the first man to swim the Pacific ocean, began his swim from the shores of Japan. 51-year-old Lecomte plans to swim eight hours a day and after about six months, breaking the nine thousand kilometers to reach US shores. Dangers Leconte a lot: it’s a shark, storm, bad weather and extremely low water temperature. A swimmer wants the swim to draw people’s attention to the problem of global warming. A group of scientists that follows the Leconte, will conduct research on the state of the ocean along the way. Scientists will study the condition and the amount of plastic waste in the ocean and take water samples to assess the impact on the ocean of the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Also, they will conduct monitoring of the state of Leconte and

Dutch Prime Minister became a superhero for cleaners (video)

Dutch Prime Minister became a superhero for cleaners (video) And all because he was well educated. Have you ever seen any high-ranking politician with a MOP in hand (electoral rolls do not count)? But the cleaners and security guards of the Dutch Parliament in this lucky. Prime Minister mark Rutte, communicating with colleagues in the lobby of the building, accidentally spilled on the floor my coffee. And you know what? He did not call out to the maid or to pretend that it should be. He asked for a MOP and quietly cleaned up after themselves. Although, of course, not very quietly — seeing this whole team of staff went to the Prime Minister and applauded. And I want to watch this video again and again. During the download an error has occurred.

Putin’s visit to Austria, confirmed the attitude of the two countries to develop cooperation

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Austrian President, Alexander van der Bellen © Mikhail Klimentyev/press service of the Russian President/TASS MOSCOW, June 5. /TASS/. Working visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Austria was an eloquent sign of the continued willingness of both countries to develop cooperation on the international stage and strengthen mutually beneficial economic cooperation. The Russian head of state following talks with Austrian President Alexander van der Bellekom appreciated the desire of the Austrian leadership to contribute to the normalization of relations between the EU and Russia. Putin said that Moscow has no problems with the lack of trust that Russia remains open to cooperation with European countries. At the same time he stated that “sanctions, and any politically motivated restrictions, protectionism is harmful to all,” including and themselves initiators. The Austrian President said that dialogue with Russia is very important and stated that “peace in Europe is

The Embassy of the Russian Federation: London has accused Moscow on business Skrobala in the absence of the suspects

The building of the Russian Embassy in London © Ilya Dmitriev/TASS LONDON, June 5. /TASS/. Unfounded accusations on the part of great Britain against Russia remain, despite the fact that the British investigators had failed to establish a circle of suspects in the poisoning of former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia. On Tuesday, reported the Russian Embassy in London, which commented on today’s announcement by Scotland Yard on the investigation of the incident in Salisbury. “I can not but Express surprise at the fact that, despite the work of 250 investigators, conducting 176 searches and surveys of more than 900 witnesses, the study of more than 4 thousand hours of video, gathering more than 2,300 physical evidence, etc., the investigators have not been able to establish a circle of suspects”, – said in a statement, which notes that “unfounded accusations against Russia remain”.

In the state Duma suspected cartel on the fuel market

In the state Duma suspected cartel on the fuel market MOSCOW, 5 Jan — RIA Novosti. The price of gasoline and diesel fuel can grow for the cartel, said the Chairman of the Duma Committee for agrarian issues, Vladimir Kashin. At the Committee meeting, he noticed how much the “hanged prices on combustive-lubricating materials”, it is not only peasants and ordinary motorists, but also to governors. “Already the diesel fuel costs and 45, and 46 (rubles per liter. — Approx. ed.) — different region. There are still appeals of the governors from all sides,” said Kashin. In his opinion, these price increases are not warranted. “I think it’s just a cartel,” said the Deputy. However, he expressed surprise by the decision to fix the price of gasoline and diesel fuel as of may 30. Is that the adoption of this robbery? On what basis this would be robbery? Then compensate

Scotland Yard interviewed on the “case Skripal” more than 900 witnesses

Scotland Yard interviewed on the “case Skripal” more than 900 witnesses In the investigation of poisoning in Salisbury, the former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia were interviewed over 900 witnesses, and conducted 176 searches. This was reported on the website of Scotland Yard. 9фотографий9фотографий9фотографий “Three months 250 investigators from the counter-terrorism network was involved in a difficult investigation of attempted murder Skrobala. To date, approximately 100 specialists in the fight against terrorism remain in Salisbury,” he told police. Now law enforcement officers try to identify all the people and vehicles on the video recordings from city surveillance cameras, experts have already looked about 4 thousand hours of video. “A total of 14 thousand and 2.5 thousand pedestrians were assessed and classified according to their importance for the investigation. More than 2.3 thousand pieces of it was produced as part of the investigation, of which 851 is stored

The Prime Minister of Italy called for the revision of sanctions against Russia

The Prime Minister of Italy called for the revision of sanctions against Russia Moscow. June 5. INTERFAX.RU Conte has paid special attention to those measures which “inhibit civil society in Russia.” The Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte stated that he supports the revision of the European sanctions against Russia, reports on Tuesday Agency ANSA. “We will be Champions of openness towards Russia, which has strengthened in recent years, its international role in addressing various geopolitical crises. We will be the initiators of the revision of the system of sanctions, starting with those that oppress civil society in Russia,” said Conte, speaking in the Italian Senate. At the same time, Conte confirmed the intention of Italy to remain an ally of the United States and to preserve NATO membership. We intend to confirm a confident affiliation of our country to NATO, keeping the USA as a privileged ally.Giuseppe Conte, Prime

A graduate came to the prom with a cardboard Danny DeVito. The actor replied

A graduate came to the prom with a cardboard Danny DeVito. The actor replied Albeit virtual, but they had fun together. In mid-may, a schoolgirl from Pennsylvania Allison Kloss, not finding a pair to prom, decided to resort to trickery. She bought on the Internet cardboard figure of your favorite actor Danny DeVito in full growth. He became her Beau at the event. Cardboard comic “accompanied” her to walk, “ride” with her on gyrometer, “danced” and even “did” a funny picture together. ICYMI: Allison Closs attended The Carlisle High School prom with a cardboard Danny DeVito at the Letort View Community Center, U. S. Army War College, Carlisle, Pa, Friday evening. @DannyDeVito — Jason Malmont (@Jmalmont) May 14, 2018 Publication from Allison Closs (@alicloss1) May 12, 2018 at 8:31 PDT During the download an error has occurred. The pictures in “celebrity”, she has published in social networks photo quickly

Day on Earth extended

Day on Earth extended Good news for those who don’t have the time: as soon as the Moon is from the Earth, the days become longer; 1.4 billion years ago the duration of the earth day was only 18 hours. When geologists say that billions of years ago the Earth was different, it usually is about oxygen-free atmosphere, hot climate, unrecognizable shapes of continents and oceans. Once on the Ground half a billion years ago, you wouldn’t know their home planet because the day was shorter then than now, for six hours. In a new study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a team of American geologists leading the evaluation of changes in the length of earth days as it approached the moon and the tilt of earth’s axis. “The moon is slowly moving away from the Earth, and our planet behaves like a skater