Increased comfort for Evsyukova. What became known criminals?

Increased comfort for Evsyukova. What became known criminals?

These stories were in all the news. All of their “heroes” were on the dock, a spent received time. AiF continues to understand how their life has developed.

60 years in the wild

May 15, ex-Governor of Bryansk region Nikolai Denin noted 60-letie. It’s his first birthday in the wild in recent years. Region Denin headed in 2004, leaving the family business — poultry farm “Snowball” in the hands of relatives. Illegal allocation of 21.8 million rubles of budget subsidies “Snow” was the reason for initiation of proceedings. In November 2015 the dynein got 4 years in prison. The court has twice denied PAROLE until, until he fully repaid the damage caused to the budget of the region. In late April, Nikolai Denin was released and stated that he would return to work on the farm.

By the way, the ex-Governor of the Tula region (2005-2011) Vyacheslav Dudka, who in 2013 received 9.5 years for a bribe of 40 million rubles., may soon get out on PAROLE. And while he sits in the Tula colony, living in the General barracks for 100 people. Schoolboy, joined the local fire brigade, working in the shop, which produces wall blocks.

Escape from silence

In 2013, Oleg Topalov was waiting in the “Matrosskaya Tishina” the court in the case of murder and arms trafficking — it was then called “full-time killer of Grandfather Hasana”. And then just got dressed and left. Spoon made a hole in the ceiling of the chamber, came down from the roof and disappeared. The next day he was arrested and returned to jail.

In the case of the murder Topalov was shining about 15 years, but the jury acquitted him. In the case of the escape had to throw another 4 years, but it happened. Say, Topalov after prison went to Sochi, where he still lives with a daughter and shows his friends a video of his escape.

During the download an error has occurred.Was there a “pedophile”?

The transport Ministry official Vladimir Makarov in 2011 was convicted of indecent assault against a 7-year-old daughter. In its labs accidentally discovered traces of semen and the girl’s father was accused of pedophilia. Re-examination showed no foreign objects no. Makarov himself, his wife, Ales and gynecologists, which showed a girl, sexual abuse deny it.

However, a psychologist, talked with the child at the request of law enforcement, concluded that the massacre was most likely. Too supposedly sexy pictures of the girl — they were “drawn in waist, hips and chest” and the cat’s tail, “which symbolizes the phallus.”

Direct evidence proving the guilt of the father, was not. But in the end he was sentenced to 13 years in prison (later the period was reduced to 5 years). Makarov released in 2016 Along with his wife and daughter he lives in Rostov-on-don. Vladimir changed his name, works as an appraiser in the Bureau of independent expertise. Family avoids publicity, and is not asked to recall the story.

Not chasing you, pop…

26-year-old monk Elijah (in the world Paul Semin), hit at 140km/h in his Mercedes G-Wagen in 2012 to the death of two workers on Kutuzov after the accident fled the scene. But the next day he was arrested. Given 3 years. This is twice less than the Prosecutor asked.

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All the time he spent in jail in hozotryad, tried to get out on PAROLE, but to no avail. According to reports in social networks, when Semin came out, he started to take your time in Greece was seen on flight from Thessaloniki in October 2016. And then quickly found a place in life became a successful developer. Defrocked Semin is headed by one of the areas in the company, which builds luxury housing and offices. Said to have attached the driver in a cassock through connections in the business obtained while working in the Moscow Patriarchate.

“A grieving mother”

Recently in Bryansk released Svetlana Shkaptsova. The same one that in 2012 the whole country portrayed a grieving mother. Her boyfriend Kulagin killed their 8-month-old daughter Anya. Shkaptsova don’t go turning him in, and began to create alibis. Remember in the news these pictures: Shkaptsova leaves an empty stroller at the store and goes to buy a toy, at this time, Kulagin, dressed as a woman, takes the stroller to throw in the entrance of the neighboring house. After that, the pair said about the kidnapping of a child. Believed them for long.

Kulagin received 19 years in a strict regime, Shkaptsova 4 years I spent in Bryansk remand prison, hozotryad.

Say, now Svetlana joined the ranks of women “with low social responsibility.”

Hoe money

In November 2010 the country was shaken by the news from the village of Kushchevskaya in the Kuban, where the farmer’s house found the bodies of 12 people, including 4 young children. In the course of the investigation were disclosed and other serious crimes committed tsapkovskoy OPG since the 90’s: murders, rapes, robberies, burglaries…

After 3 years, the court sentenced the leader of the gang Sergey Tsapok and his accomplices to different periods: from 19 years to life. A couple of the defendants committed suicide before the trial and another after the verdict.

Tsapok died in jail due to a blood clot loose in 2014. His mother Hope now he’s in jail for fraud. Must be freed in 2019 relatives of the victims filed claims for compensation for moral and material damage. Them not immediately, but managed to knock off Hope Tsapok 119 million rubles. While her husband and father Hoe Victor continues to live in Kuschevka, doing business spouses. The widow of a leader of organized crime groups Angela Maria is suing the victims, attempts to rescue from custody 6 million. mansion and expensive cars, proving that not everything is bought with the money Hoe.

Major Evsyukov

Head of the Tsaritsyno police Department Denis Evsukova the country learned after the April 27, 2009, being drunk, he arranged firing in the Moscow supermarket “Island”. From the hands of the major killed 2 and wounded 7 people. Relatives of the assassins tried to bring the matter to the insanity Evsyukova, telling that he slipped something into the alcohol. But in February 2010, the court sentenced him to life imprisonment, and ex-major went to the colony “snowy owl” in the Arctic circle. In the spring of 2015 Onkar sent a letter to the ECHR, complaining of the remoteness of the colony from Moscow. Say, the colony COP-killer, not peretruzhdaetsya, mostly reading books.

According in 2016, ex-major contains one of the three so-called chambers of the raised comfort: 15 sqm, renovated, wide window openings, the bathroom is separated by a wall, etc.

In interview to the program “an Honest detective”, he said that “a good Opera”. Admitted that after his arrest in his cell at first I was afraid, like, chews all night. But the major had a great sleep…