In Pompeii found the remains of a man. He tried to escape from the eruption

In Pompeii found the remains of a man. He tried to escape from the eruption

In Pompeii found the skeleton of a man who tried to escape from the eruption, but it was crushed with a stone slab.


As reported on the website of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, he survived the first phase of the eruption, but perished when he tried to get out of the house.

The skeleton was found in the early archaeological work at the new location, in the V area of the city that has been excavated by about a quarter. Still there were found houses of wealthy citizens (the judge and the banker). the area is located the building of the Corporation of the gladiators, which was the barracks and the facilities for training.

The remains of a man found in the ruins of the house, on the height of the first floor. A preliminary study of the skeleton showed that he was more than 30 years. On the tibia of the male (which, the message doesn’t say) scientists have discovered traces of the infection that apparently caused him great pain and hurt to move. Perhaps that is why he first tried to escape. Scientists have suggested that it outlasted the house the first phase of the eruption, during which the air is ejected ash clouds. When he decided to leave home it was too late. The surrounding area was covered with layer of volcanic rock, and the man was stopped by a pyroclastic flow (mixture of hot gases, ash and stones) that was dropped on his head stone slab (perhaps part of a doorway).

This is not the first discovery in Pompeii in the field season this year. Less than a month ago for the first time archaeologists found here the remains of the horse. Apparently, it was a racing stallion, which belonged to a local elite.

Ekaterina Rusakova