In place come the governors mayors

In place come the governors mayors

Their posts on their own left, the head of Yakutia Egor Borisov and the Magadan Governor Vladimir Pecheny. Both the Governor was at the age of: Mr Borisov — 64 years, Mr. Baked — 68 years. The acting Governor of the Magadan region became the Vikings — the mayor of Nizhny Tagil Sergey Nosov. The post of the acting head of Yakutia was received by the mayor of Yakutsk Aisen Nikolaev.

President Vladimir Putin has sent in resignation of the Governor of the Magadan region Vladimir Baked, the term of which expired in September of this year (in the region must undergo a regular election). On his dismissal, announced Yegor Borisov (term of office expired in 2019). The acting head of the Magadan region became the Vikings — the mayor of Nizhny Tagil Sergey Nosov, to the post of acting head of Yakutia claim the mayor of Yakutsk Aisen Nikolaev.

Vladimir Baked until the appointment by the Governor in 2013, was the mayor of Magadan, twice elected to the post in 2004 and 2008. Yegor Borisov, Yakutia headed in 2010, previously he was head of the government of the Republic. Both the now ex-Governor was elected — Mr. Baked in 2013 (received 73% of votes), Mr. Borisov in 2014 (scored 58%).

The rumors about the resignation of Egor Borisov and the appointment in his place aysena Nikolaev went with last year. In the presidential election in March, Vladimir Putin received in Yakutia, the worst result in the country — 64%, the candidate from the Communist party Pavel Grudinin is the best result in Russia — 27%. In the Magadan region Mr Putin won 72% of the vote. Note that both of the dismissed Governor — age policy, Vladimir Pecheny — 68, Egor Borisov — 64.

Sergei Nosov (57 years) Magadan region, the Vikings, irrelevant to the appointment of the acting Governor it was not. Career of mister Nosova has developed in Sverdlovsk region, he has led large metallurgical enterprises, was elected a regional Deputy, was Vice-Governor of the region. In 2012 he was elected the mayor of Nizhny Tagil, the past year has again passed the direct election of the head of this city. Note that in the autumn of last year the name of Mr. Nosov was called among applicants for a post of the Governor of the Kemerovo region.

Aisen Nikolayev (46 years) until the election of the mayor of Yakutsk twice elected to the national Parliament (the Union of right forces — b), since 2004 — Minister of Finance of Yakutia, was the head of the administration head of the region, Deputy Chairman of the government. He was elected mayor of Yakutsk in 2012 and 2017.

According to Kommersant, the appointment of municipal managers acting governors will continue.

Last fall, the acting Governor of the Novosibirsk region became the mayor of Vologda Andrei Travnikov, in December last year, the acting head of the Voronezh region, the President appointed the mayor of Voronezh Alexander Gusev. In 2012 Volgograd oblast headed by the mayor of Astrakhan Sergey Bozhenov, in 2008 the Arkhangelsk region was appointed to lead the Yakutsk mayor Ilya Mikhalchuk.

Andrew Pepper