FT: the US is seeking from the EU to tighten sanctions against Russia

FT: the US is seeking from the EU to tighten sanctions against Russia

TASS, may 24. The US administration is trying to persuade allies from the European Union to toughen sanctions against Russia during meetings of the delegation of the state Department headed by David Tessera with European colleagues in Brussels and London. This was reported in Thursday’s Financial Times newspaper.

“We need to work with European partners to step up the fight against hostile activities to prevent the use of any possible differences between Europe and the USA”, — said the publication representative of the United States. Washington is concerned that Russia will be able to use to their advantage the growing controversy over the nuclear deal with Iran and U.S. plans to impose new import tariffs on European steel, aluminium and other products.

Thursday in London, state Department officials, according to the newspaper, will put pressure on the countries of the “sevens” for the purpose of imposition of penalties in accordance with the so-called Magnitsky act, which has become “a Central instrument of US foreign policy”.

At the same time, the Financial Times cites the opinion of European diplomats, which concluded that the EU cannot keep pace with much more aggressive U.S. approach to Moscow, including the use of sanctions. “Currently, I do not see much potential in this regard”, — said one of them.

As stated earlier this week, the British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, the imposition of additional U.S. sanctions against Russia turned out to be an effective measure, and that it is considering a similar move by London.