The Chinese tried to buy off his ex-girlfriend in a suitcase

The Chinese tried to buy off his ex-girlfriend in a suitcase

Story detective.

In China there is a tradition at parting, the girl may require the failed Beau monetary compensation for “failed relationships”. Did a Chinese woman, who asked the ex-boyfriend of five million yuan (48 million).

To meet the young man came with a suitcase on wheels, fully pocketed money. He left it at the bar and proudly walked away.

Here only the girl was very disappointed that instead of the five million compensation to the former lover brought only two.

The Chinese do not forgive such “pettiness” and leaving, cash the suitcase in the bar, too, left the school.

“Guy gives girlfriend 2 million yuan ‘breakup fee.’ She says it’s not enough, leaves it at some bar.” by @shanghaiist

— Raymond Gan (@rgan0) May 14, 2018

After a while “parting gift” was discovered by visitors and members of the bar, where he held the latest meeting of the pitiful pair. They called the police, who were extremely surprised by the discovery.

Meanwhile, distraught lady called the ex-boyfriend and said that no money was taken. He had to go back to the bar, then go to the police and explain the situation with the suitcase. In the end, the police believed him and returned the cash.

Local journalists reported that the parents of 23-year-old guy, very wealthy, and during the interrogation he was surprised that two million yuan is actually a large amount of money.