A merciless fashion. Looks like the strange jacket in the world (photos)

A merciless fashion. Looks like the strange jacket in the world (photos)

Each time the clothing is becoming more unusual.

In order to surprise fashionistas something unusual, designers have sweat a lot. But sometimes the fantasy is pulled beyond reasonable, and the very strange creations, as, for example, only one half of the jacket.

Rejoice, you can now spend $1,450 on half a jacket https://t.co/bt1POHJtIL pic.twitter.com/A9BllTXRZg

— GHPARROT?? (@GHPARROT) May 8, 2018

It is such a strange new product called “demonstrirovalsya blazer” presented the French brand Unravel Project. It represents not that other, as half of the black jacket cotton and silk, with a full collar and a small strap that connects the front and rear parts of the structure.

Despite the fact that fabric designers noticeably saved, is “demonstrirovalsya blazer” 1450 dollars. It is intended to be worn over a top, combidress or lace bra.

Apparently, this summer promises to be hot and devoid of intrigue. Recall that some time ago an American brand Carmar released “too holey jeans”, in which there is only one basis with the seams and pockets.

This deconstructed blazer is $1450. No way am I paying that price for half a blazer. https://t.co/a2kBXcYp2k pic.twitter.com/9Ax8zoIAEA

— synthia t. (@synthiat) May 6, 2018