70-year-old grandmother wearing a prom dress for granddaughter’s wedding

70-year-old grandmother wearing a prom dress for granddaughter’s wedding

And why not.

20-year-old tori from Texas tweeted a fun photos and story of her grandmother penny. It turned out that the cheerful pensioner asked granddaughter’s prom dress to take it to the altar with her partner in Las Vegas.

My granny ran away to Vegas with a guy she met online that I always joked about her dating, and she got married to him in my prom dress. This woman is literally my best friend. pic.twitter.com/XF1s2gIyiU

— torr (@awkwarddogmom) April 19, 2018

His 74-year-old wife of Richard 70-year-old penny met on a Dating site. Knowing about a relationship between a grandmother and granddaughter, Richard first asked for the hand of his lady the tories, which later arranged for Granny fun bachelorette party. Moreover, she accompanied penny to the altar in Las Vegas and even borrowed my grandmother for such an important event of your prom dress.

Telling this funny story to your subscribers, tori also said that the grandmother of her best friend and they often have fun at parties together.

For the young American it was a great honor that her dear grandmother has chosen for her wedding that is this dress.

Happy birthday to @lesliecarolyn_ one of the sweetest, kindest, loudest, craziest girl I know. I miss you so much! ??? pic.twitter.com/vN2ndpwiZv

— torr (@awkwarddogmom) August 12, 2017

Tori in her prom dress (first photo)

By the way, the wedding penny and Richard took place in mid-April, but now the history has received wide publicity.