“Alligator” is not returned to base

“Alligator” is not returned to base

As it became known””, on the night of 7 may, the Russian air and space forces (VKS) lost in Syria attack helicopter Ka-52 “alligator”. According to the official version, the machine could crash due to technical problems, according to unofficial — it was shot down by radical Islamists of MANPADS while conducting routine flight. Both pilots were killed. The disaster was the seventh for Russian helicopters and the first Ka-52 involved in the Syrian campaign from March 2016.

About the crash “Alligator” in Syria, “Kommersant” was told two sources in the military authorities, noting that both crew members who served on one of the air bases of the Eastern military district, died on the spot. According to unofficial information, the Ka-52 was shot down while patrolling the Eastern territories of the Republic during the firing of MANPADS at the disposal of radical Islamists.

In defense of the fact of the catastrophe “Kommersant” have confirmed, but noted that, according to preliminary information, the car crashed due to technical problems. “Search and rescue group pilots ‘ bodies delivered to the airfield”, — added in Department. This is the seventh loss of the helicopter videoconferencing since the beginning of the campaign in Syria first — for the Ka-52.

Machines of this type are on combat duty on a rotational basis, as part of a mixed air group VC Russia, the 555 th air base in Mamimi from March 2016, taking an active part in the escorting of columns from the centre of reconciliation of the warring parties, and directly in hostilities (for example, they were exempted from fighters para El Qaryatein).

Amid criticism of another helicopter, the Mi — 28N, which ex-VC commander in chief of the Russian Federation Viktor Bondarev accused of “a failure of the electronics”, — the military considered the Ka-52 de facto finished product. At least not to his managed (“Attack”) and unmanaged (C-80) aircraft missiles, to the complex electronic countermeasures “President-s”, or the other system, the representatives of VCS issues do not arise.

Moreover, the results of operation in Syria, Deputy defense Minister for armaments Yuri Borisov announced that in the period 2018-2027 years, the Agency will enter into with the holding company “Helicopters of Russia” the contract on 114 of these machines.

Additional purchases of the Ka-52 is due to several factors, chief of which was the increased demand videoconferencing in combat helicopters of this modification. The total number of Ka-52 by 2027 will amount to 260 cars, which will make their main attack helicopter of the armed forces, says the interlocutor of Kommersant, close to the leadership of the defense Ministry.

They, according to “Kommersant”, will be modified: they will create a new missile with enhanced range and establish an improved optical-electronic aiming system.

The last state of emergency in Syria on plans to supply the new army Ka-52 will not be affected, says the source “b” in the office. These helicopters proved themselves worthy in combat action, which was appreciated by export customers, said the source “b”, operating in the VTS system, the accident should not affect the car.

According to him, in 2017, Egypt has shipped the first batch of helicopters (all of the air force ordered 46 of these machines), the second delivery should be completed within a month. According to some, were handed over to Egypt the helicopters are already participating in operations against militants of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) operating in the Sinai Peninsula.

Ivan Safronov