In Dubai tried to kidnap the Ukrainian tourist

In Dubai tried to kidnap the Ukrainian tourist

MOSCOW, may 7 — RIA Novosti. In Dubai, two men were charged that they, posing as policemen, abducted a tourist from Ukraine, reports Gulfnews.

The trial of first instance took place on 6 may. According to the materials of the case, 19-year-old girl was walking in the morning on the street in front of her stopped a black car, the driver introduced himself a police officer and demanded to produce documents. Then the car left the passenger, took the passport of the girl and said that she would have to proceed to the plot.

A tourist asked me to show ID, but she was forcibly put into a car. Later, the car stopped, the girl tried to transplant into another car. “While the accomplice driver came to my side, I opened the door and ran away, she explained. — I stopped the nearest pedestrian and asked him to call the police.”

Later the suspects, a citizen of Iran and the sailor from the UAE — were arrested. The Prosecutor accused them of kidnapping tourists, as well as the theft of documents and money.