The detainee at the meeting found the “deformation of moral values”

The detainee at the meeting found the “deformation of moral values”

The result of the meetings held on may 5 in 60 Russian cities, have become not only administrative but also criminal cases. In particular, in St. Petersburg opened a criminal case about the attack on the police in relation to Michael Zakonova. Experts say that after the outstanding shares, the investigators review video footage, and on their basis criminal case about the attack on the security forces, therefore, the detention may continue in the coming days.

Dzerzhinsky district court of St. Petersburg sent under arrest for two months 25-year-old Michael Zakonova, accused of using violence against police officers (part 2 of article 318 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation) to protest actions of supporters of opposition leader Alexei Navalny on 5 may.

According to investigators, Mr. Tsakunov struck the policeman, who detained him, and knocked his tooth out.

Michael Zakonova detained near the Palace square, when protest action has come to an end. As can be seen from the video, which is attached to the case materials, the police tackled him to the ground when he was holding an inflatable yellow duck (a symbol referring to a number of video investigations of the Fund of struggle against corruption), nothing chanting.

Mister Zakonov explained that duck is not his, but he only saw the police give it to the wipers and took it to blow away and then find the owners. Charges of assault on a police officer, he rejected. The investigator explained the need to arrest a suspect that such a “heinous crime evidence of the deformation of moral values, contempt for the law and the authorities.”

On the eve of the court appointed Michael Zakonova a penalty of 10 thousand roubles for infringement of rules of carrying out of meeting (article 20.2 of the administrative code). Now part 2 of article 318 of the criminal code he faces an imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years.

This is the first criminal case about the attack on law enforcement officers, which was filed after the protests on 5 may.

According to the human rights project “Open Russia,” investigators in Samara now trying to find out whether it is possible to call assaulting a police officer incident with civil activist Aleksey Solovyov.

“I silently stood aside with the flag. Suddenly ran up to me and grabbed the police. To questions about why I was detained, they did not answer and did not introduce himself so I started to stretch”, — told “Kommersant” Mr. Solovyov. The videotape of the arrest shows that one of the officers caught on the legs of the detainee and fell on his back. Research Affairs of the Samara region “Kommersant” refused to comment on the state of the police.

“Alex appeared once the Protocol is atypical for street actions of the administrative section for disorderly conduct: he allegedly threatened police. He was left in the police for 48 hours. On 7 may he was taken to court”, — told “Kommersant”, the coordinator of the Samara headquarters Bulk Katerina Gerasimova.

After the trial the lawyer of the detainee Vladimir Krasikov told “Kommersant” that the judge dismissed the case on administrative offence by reason of lack of evidence: “Alexei is Now at large.” The lawyer did not comment on the likelihood of criminal prosecution.