Planning early elections

Planning early elections

The Fund “Petersburg politics” in the new rating of politico social stability in regions predicts that in the near future the Kremlin will decide on governors, whose term of office expires this year. Among the potential retirees named the head of Khakassia and the Magadan region Victor Zimin and Vladimir Baked. According to experts, the possible early retirement age of heads of regions — Yegor Borisov (Yakutia), and Alexander Karlin (Altai territory).

Experts of Fund “the Petersburg policy” once the rating of politico social stability in regions noted that the political situation in the regions after the release of “the mode of election (presidential.— “B”) of the campaign” different “accumulation and splash of contradictions requiring resolution”. These include the need for Kremlin personnel decisions on a number of governors. Among heads whose terms of office expire in September, experts do not exclude the resignation of Viktor Zimin (Khakassia), Roman Kopin (Chukotka), Svetlana Orlova (Vladimir region) and Vladimir Baked (Magadan oblast).

Among the possible early retirees named the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko, the Altai territory — Alexander Karlin, Yakutia, Yegor Borisov (all terms of office expire in 2019).