Defense Ministry tests showed the robotic complex “Uran-9”

Defense Ministry tests showed the robotic complex “Uran-9”

TV channel “Zvezda” coordinated by the Ministry of defence of Russia has published on its YouTube channel a video test multifunctional robotic complex “Uran-9”.

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It shows how the car is firing, goes in the snow and off road and overcome various obstacles, including the barrier of fire. Also shows the launch complex missile and defeat its purpose.

Robots “Uranus-9” is designed for reconnaissance and fire support to the main forces. Their armament is a 30 mm 2A72 automatic gun and coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun. In addition, they can be mounted anti-tank guided missiles “Attack”. The robots are also equipped with a protection system against laser irradiation and equipment, allowing to detect, recognize and follow the target.

On the website of Rostec, which deals with the development of “Uranium-9”, it is noted that its purpose is remote scouting and fire support combined arms, intelligence and anti-terrorist units. The complex consists of scouts, and a tractor to transport them, and a movable control point. According to the developers of the complex, its use in combat operations will in future significantly reduce the number of casualties among the personnel.