Why the plane is considered the most reliable transport

Why the plane is considered the most reliable transport

The safety of one aircraft meet dozens of people. They can’t all be wrong.

Flying by plane is much safer than travel by car. And, despite the fact that everyone is heard, fear of flying covers even those who are accustomed “to get” on the air.

Nothing strange in this: the feeling of the earth under my feet disappears, and the crash (which, incidentally, are not so often) are always associated with a large number of victims.

However, the staff of airlines, airport and the crew are doing everything possible to minimize risks during the flight.

If a plane is something wrong, you simply will not allow on Board. The ship before departure fully verified by a huge number of terrestrial services and the crew. This applies to all flights, short and long.Dmitrymordovenko major domestic aviakompanijosExpensive tickets instead of the cheap: 6 ways of cheating tourists

Employees of various services before the flight make a technical inspection of the aircraft and check the runway. Pilots undergo mandatory physical examination and study the conditions on the route.

But if you start to get nervous already thinking about the upcoming flight — just examine the overall situation. Before buying tickets check airline, read about fleet, check the latest news on the name of the carrier. If there is any doubt, better choose another airline.

Passing the Luggage before departure, don’t panic: relax and distract yourself from negative thoughts. Be sure that your safety is taken care of a large number of people.

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