Scientists laugh at the stock photos of “scientists”

Scientists laugh at the stock photos of “scientists”

Zoologists are not going in the offices to look at chickens, even if they study chickens, and chemists pointedly not looking at test tube: scientists began to Twitter flashmob on bad stock photography to illustrate scientific work.

Science is when people in white coats staring at test tubes with colored liquids, listen to the roots of the plants with a stethoscope, pointing at the starry sky, drink from laboratory glassware and large groups (again, in white coats) are going in the offices to look at the chicken. At least these scientists look at stock photography. Twitter is gaining momentum flashmob #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob (bad stock photos of my work). Participate and auditors, and programmers, and realtors, but the funniest representation of the world’s stock photography — scientists, so we put a selection of tweets with an ironic signatures of real scientists.

The flash mob began with Nicole Regiment (Nicole Paulk), a biochemist at the University of California in San Francisco. She was doing a presentation and was looking for stock photos to illustrate her work. Instead, he was looking for, the Regiment found a picture of a man in a white robe, with obvious disbelief, looking at a piece of dry ice. “Not a single person on the planet, even a scientist, studying the properties of dry ice won’t do,” she says. The regiment posted a photo on Twitter.

This stock image of a scientist is PRICELESS. I too often find myself inspecting each nugget of dry ice, one by one. Can never be too careful ?

— Nicole K. Paulk (@Nicole_Paulk) 24 APR 2018

Other scientists began to look for himself in the photostocks. Chemist and blogger Yvette d Entremont (Yvette d’entremont) came up with the hashtag #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob, and away we go:

I spend my days laughing at models of DNA that twist the wrong way #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob

— Liz Tunbridge (@LizTunbridge) may 4, 2018

“And so pass my days: I laugh at the models of DNA that are twisted in the wrong direction”

Photo captioned: Mad scientist yelling at a lab mouse, angry about a failed experiment ?#BadStockPhotosOfMyJob

— Aparna Shah ? ?? (@Neuro_musings) may 4, 2018

“The caption under the photo reads: “a Mad scientist yelling at a lab rat after a failed experiment”.

Environmental scientist lies prone in a mud puddle #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob

— Amy Heffernan (@DrHeffo) may 4, 2018

“Environmentalist lying in a muddy puddle”

I, too, inject my plants with a mysterous liquid as a seed scientist #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob

— Philippa Alvarez (@powerofplants3) may 4, 2018

“I also put the plants injections, I study seeds”

#BadStockPhotosOfMyJob We do not taste the stuff in our Petri dishes and plants do not grow out of desks.

— Dana Simmons ? (@dhsimmons1) may 4, 2018

“We’re not trying the contents of the Petri dishes to the taste, and the tables do not grow plants”

Yes, I often stand outside with a woefully inadequate manual telescope, wearing a suit with unnecessary lab coat and safety goggles, and I point at the sky all the time. #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob

— Steph Merritt ♠ On!!!✨? (@sciencefemale) 26 APR 2018

“Yes, I often stand near so blatantly unprofessional manual telescope, in a suit and unnecessary lab coat, protective glasses, and pointing a finger at the sky — well, just do it all the time”

As a plant pathologist, I’ll never forget my first disease diagnosis. There’s something so magical about hearing those roots. #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob @plantdisease @Nangreg @psuPPEM

— Alyssa Collins (@PACropDoc) 26 APR 2018

“I’m fitopatology, and I will never forget how he staged his first diagnosis. Is this something magic — listen to the roots…”

Most climate scientists are 200 feet tall, and we frequently unleash thunderstorms on people having picnics so I have no problem with this one. #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob

— Steven Schultze (@GEO_Schultze) 25 APR 2018

“The majority of climate scientists rising two hundred feet, and we often shed a storm on holiday. No claims to this picture”

Well, classic with a soldering iron:


I don’t even wear purple…

— Just Jake (@fixyournes) 26 APR 2018