Pay cash, don’t go to duty free. Like on vacation to save on the little things

Pay cash, don’t go to duty free. Like on vacation to save on the little things

Aigi shares tips about what, seemingly insignificant expenses can be a good idea to save money on vacation.

With soaring rates of the dollar and the Euro, overseas travel will be more expensive increase in price for hotels, tours, tickets, increased spending on. Add to this the summer season, when the cost of leisure is always at its peak. However, travel is not necessary, you just have more to relate to future expenses. This time we are not going to tell you how to save money on such expensive things like tickets or hotel. We’ll show you how not to pay extra for details. After all, penny saves the ruble and cents — a dollar.

Before you travel

In many ways, the secret of success of the economy lies in proper planning. Everyone knows that the earlier you buy plane tickets or book the hotel, the more chances to catch the best and budget option. With planning the other details of the journey the same thing: the sooner and closer they do, the more money you can save.

Guide take in the library. Of course, it’s great to wander around an unfamiliar city, look around and even get lost. But without knowing where you are and what attractions are nearby, you can accidentally pass by, for example, the Church with stained glass Windows by Marc Chagall. Large and rich in monuments of history, art, architecture cities without a guide can not do. You don’t need to pay for the book, which you will use once, a tidy sum: the guide is completely free of charge in the library, saving 400-500 rubles.

If you really want to have your guide, you can buy it twice cheaper than on the website free of ads.

— Do you like coffee? Don’t forget the thermos! If you love hot drinks, going on vacation in the cold season, and even in an expensive city (e.g., Stockholm, where a Cup of coffee to go is 3-5 euros) bring a thermos, tea bags and coffee. Almost every hotel/hostel has tea infuser hot beverages. And if your hotel will be a buffet, then try to pour into a thermos ready coffee there. This maneuver will help save a few dozen euros.