Scientists have found a way to make the roses more fragrant and bright

Scientists have found a way to make the roses more fragrant and bright

MOSCOW, may 2 — RIA Novosti. Scientists from France, Germany and China managed to decipher the genome of the roses and establish the genes that are responsible for flavor and color and the ability to repeated flowering. This writes the journal Nature Genetics.

The genome project will allow the experts to make changes in the genes and create a more vibrant and durable rose with strong fragrance.

Scientists studied the flower of the variety Rosa chinensis (tea or China rose), introduced to Europe from East Asia in the 18th century. With the help of technology sequencing of long DNA sequences they received one of the most complete sequences of the genome of plants ever installed.

The improvement of technology scientists took about ten years. Until now, they were able to obtain only incomplete, hard-to-read sequence. The study authors found more than 36 thousand protein-coding genes, and the biochemical path, coordinating the color and smell of the flower.

As the authors note, their work provides the basis for a “new era” in the breeding of roses.

“When you go to the market and find there cut roses, they don’t smell anything. They smell like plastic, — said Mohammed, Benchman, one of the leaders of the study. — I hope we will be able to change how these flowers will look in the future and to make their scent last longer. The longer they stand in the vase, the less smell.