Facebook will launch a matchmaking service based on social network

Facebook will launch a matchmaking service based on social network

The company will launch its own service of online Dating on the basis of the social network. This was the company’s founder mark Zuckerberg said on may 1 at the annual conference for developers F8 in the American city of San Jose. His words leads Reuters.

“In Facebook’s 200 million people who have no pair, it is obvious that it is possible to do something,” said Zuckerberg. According to him, the organization of Dating services is a natural step for the company, which is a platform for communication of people on the Internet.

Users will be able to indicate that it is ready to Dating. It will only see those social network users who have activated the same option in the settings.

Pairs will be selected based on several parameters: gender, age, common interests.

After the statement of Zuckerberg’s shares in the company Match Group Inc., which manages the services and applications for online Dating (e.g., Tinder) fell by 23%.

Analyst James Cordell said that the launch of the service online Dating will lead to the fact that people will spend more time on the social network.

The influence of the company in the market of online Dating will depend on how successfully the new function.

Also Facebook is going to launch the group feature calls in WhatsApp and Instagram. Now it is tested. The company also plans to update the design of Facebook Messenger.

At the conference in San Jose spoke about the introduction of social network function, Clear History, which you can use to see what data is collected about a person by the company, and if you want to delete.

It will be similar to how browsers clear the cookies.

Thus, the Corporation has not bypassed the scandal with the leak of personal data of users. In March it became known that information about 87 million people illegally went into the Cambridge Analytica. Zuckerberg then apologized and gave explanations to the us Congress. He also announced that Facebook will strengthen the protection of personal data.

Investigation for leaking data about the company are authorities in many countries, including the UK, USA, Australia, Israel and Spain.