Pashinyan announced a possible boycott of early parliamentary elections

Pashinyan announced a possible boycott of early parliamentary elections

YEREVAN, 2 may. /TASS/. The leader of the opposition Armenian MP Nikol Pashinyan does not exclude the possibility of a boycott of early parliamentary elections, if the acting Prime Minister will remain a member of the Republican party (RPA).

He stated this on Wednesday at a meeting with his supporters, who blocked the Arshakunyats Avenue in Yerevan, reported the correspondent of TASS from the event.

“It all depends on the day. We do not exclude the possibility of a boycott, but at the moment, the Republican party has no chance to stay in power,” said Pashinyan. In his words, “95% of the country’s citizens took to the streets to complete the velvet revolution”.

“They (the ruling Republican party — approx. TASS) has long been not aware of the current situation. I just got the call — blocked all roads leading to Yerevan. In the capital the streets are also blocked,” said Pashinyan.

He also claims that his supporters paralyzed the metro and Railways, blocked the road to the airport. Pashinyan added that “the protesters joined and went on strike many groups of schools and universities.”

The opposition leader also urged his supporters not to interfere with the movement of office cars of the Ministry of defense, EMERCOM and the ambulance. According to local media, in Yerevan almost no avenues or streets, the movement which would be carried out without interference. Demonstrators dragged them to trash cans and tires. The protesters, mostly young people, dance, listen to music and beat the drums.

As previously reported, several hundreds of students on Wednesday morning blocked the Central streets of Yerevan — in particular Heratsi, Yerevan, Charents and adjacent intersections. According to local media reports, protesters also blocked streets and avenues and in the residential districts of the capital.